Covid: Boris Johnson is going to cancel all restrictions

Boris Johnson is going to reverse Covid restrictions from the beginning of March.

He is going to let British people live with covid. People will learn how to live with this virus.

This week, the government is going to declare the end of restrictions. Accordingly, people will observe the rules to not suffer from this virus.

However, Boris Johnson is legislating this rule where he doesn’t have a good position because he attends the Downing street party.

It is necessary to follow health protocols

Indeed, people will continue wearing masks, keeping their social distance, and checking their health situation.They should wear masks in the stores and social transportations to protect their health.

Moreover, passengers who are travelling abroad must have a PCR test. Prof Azar Ghani, an epidemiologist, said self-isolation is a way to protect people’s health.

“The widespread availability of lateral flow tests that enable self-isolation has undoubtedly been one of our strongest responses to the Covid-19 pandemic,” Ghani said.

Even he said, “We should therefore see this as an opportunity to enhance our public health response to other serious diseases rather than to downgrade our Covid response.

“Such an approach would, in addition to saving lives, reduce the annual winter burden of respiratory illness on the NHS, freeing up space and resources to focus on other health needs.”

Some government officials disagree with this rule, while some agree with it.

What are the recent regulations?

From Monday, January 17, people with Covid-19 in England can end their self-isolation after five full days.

Indeed, if their test is negative, they can end self-isolation after 5 or 6 days.

  • After 5 or 6 self-isolation, they can end their self-isolation if their test is negative.
  • People whose test result is positive must continue their self-isolation; they can end their self-isolation in the condition that they have two consecutive negative tests taken on different days.
  • It is a helpful activity to help society and the economy keep going.

Nevertheless, people whose tests are positive must continue their self-isolation.

Indeed, they can return to their job in a situation where they have two

consecutive negative tests. Otherwise, they must stay at home.

Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid said:

“After reviewing all of the evidence, we’ve decided to reduce the minimum self-isolation period to 5 full days in England.

“These two tests are critical to these balanced and proportional plans; I’d urge everyone to take advantage of the capacity we’ve built you in tests so we can restore more freedom to this country.

Whilst we are keeping everyone safe.”

Does Boris Johnson think about his interests?

As evidence shows, these days, statistics of Omicron are increasing. While all media are warning people to observe the restrictions, Johnson will eliminate Covid conditions.

However, omicron Statistics are increasing, but the death threat is decreasing. This fact causes Mr Johnson to find an opportunity to change his voters’ ideas.

He is going to eliminate all restrictions by the end of January. His attendance at the Downing Street party changed his fan’s attitude towards him.

Meanwhile, by legislating this rule, he will attract his fans’ attention.

On December 8, by spreading Omicron, the government decided to continue previous restrictions. So people were going to use their masks in lots of indoor activities.

Even the government forced people to avoid large gatherings and have a vaccination for the sake of travelling.But after January 26, in a situation where Omicron statistics started rising again, the government will eliminate the restrictions.

Tories are furious at Boris Johnson’s attendance at the parties during the lockdown

After the prime minister confessed his attendance at the Downing street party, he lost his fans and parties support.

Evidence shows that he had even taken in two other parties before.

Holding a party and drinking during lockdown has raised Johnson’s party’s anger.

So they want Johnson’s resignation from his position, but he is trying to justify his attendance at that party. Even he is trying to avoid his resignation.

He is trying to change some of his staff and wants to do activities to satisfy his parties.

Accordingly, government officials have declared that they hope restriction elimination by Boris Johnson happens to the public profit, not for the sake of his interests.

Labour response

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer made similar comments and said. At the same time, he hopes plan B restrictions can be lifted “as soon as possible”. He hopes the decision is guided by science, not politically motivated.

“I hope those restrictions can be lifted as soon as possible, but I want them to be lifted because the medical science says they should be lifted, not simply because the prime minister is in a real mess and he’s desperately trying to get out of it,” he told the BBC.

“so if it’s the right thing to lift those restrictions, we will vote to lift those restrictions.

But we’ll be led by the science as we always have been, not by the politics of propping up a broken Prime Minister.”

Accordingly, government officials have reported that the number of covid patients in hospitals decreases. And even the number of dead people is falling too.

The role of parties in Boris Johnson new decisions 

These days Boris Johnson has hard times with lots of problems.

These problems are because he attends the Downing street party. Firstly, he denied his attendance at that party. But videos and photos proved his attendance at that party, drinking and joking there.

Therefore, reports showed that a new Covid variant (Omicron) emerged. Evidence showed that this variant spreading speed is faster than the previous one.

Accordingly, health secretary Sajid Javid and senior scientific and medical officers advised stricter restrictions.They especially advised some more Christmas restrictions and tried to content people to observe stricter regulations. While Johnson is trying to remove restrictions, NHS is encouraging staff to vaccinate themselves sooner.

It has legislated a rule that teenagers, over-18s, must refer to vaccination centres and vaccinate themselves.It has forced them to present their vaccination card to participate in different places such as nightclubs in England.It has even legislated a compulsory rule for all people to use in public places and keep their social distance from each other.


Boris Johnson has presented his decision to the parliament. Still, some representatives have agreed, and some disagree with his plan.But most of the voters agreed with continuing the restriction against Covid. It was a shaming situation for the prime minister in the government.

However, these challenges are going to make new crises for the government. As a result, Mr Johnson’s position in the government will reach its worst form.

There is no doubt that Boris Johnson will face lots of new challenges in the coming weeks.

Conservatives abandon Johnson over new covid rules, and no one will support him.

In conclusion, Johnson’s attendance at the Downing street party caused many problems for him.

He is a prime minister who has made many mistakes during his time in an official position. And his latest action not only has reduced his fans but also has raised people’s and the conservative party’s anger.

By legislating new restrictions, he is just thinking about his position. He says he can change people and the party’s attitudes towards himself.

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