The European economy is affected by the Ukraine-Russia war

The Ukraine-Russia war has caused problems for European countries. They are afraid that the effects of this war will affect their economy. Over the past few days, these countries have also faced all kinds of problems. If the Ukraine crisis continues, Europe will be in trouble, and its economy will be hit

35% increase in gas prices in Europe

According to data from the London Stock Exchange ICE, the price of natural gas in Europe increased by 35% in stock exchange transactions. For April, the cost of futures contracts has exceeded $1,454 per 1000 cubic meters. Energy prices are rising amid concerns about energy supply due to Moscow sanctions.

Disruption of Russian gas supply to world markets

Russia supplies about 40% of the continent’s gas needs. The US, the EU, the UK, and many other countries have announced extensive sanctions against Russia following Russia’s special operation in Ukraine. Industry analysts fear the situation could disrupt Russian gas supplies to world markets. Gazprom, Russia’s largest gas exporter, has said it will continue to supply gas to Europe via the Yamal-Europe pipeline, which passes through Ukraine.

The UK and the Russian currency challenge in this country

Rising criticism of the ruling party over its refusal to allow large sums of money into the UK’s tax havens and dubious currencies invested in the UK has prompted the UK prime minister to promise reform. The revelation of various documents, including the Pandora Papers, which showed that the UK had become one of the leading centres for the inflow of capital of unknown origin, as well as money laundering in the world, came to the fore again with the events in Ukraine and increased criticism of the ruling party.

The ineffectiveness of British sanctions against Russia

After the war in Ukraine, the UK government boycotted dozens of individuals and entities and Russian companies in anti-Russian actions. Still, experts say billions of pounds of Russian capital in the UK and the entanglement of the economy with capitalist money. Russia can practically not impose sanctions on Russia. The ruling Conservative Party is also accused of receiving financial aid from Russian capitalists. In the wake of growing criticism, Boris Johnson has rejected what he calls Russian oligarchic currencies and promised to scrutinize Russian-owned companies, which are often set up abroad.

UK Prime Minister’s promise for transparency

The UK Prime Minister has said that he plans to introduce a bill in the coming days to oblige companies to be transparent so that the actual beneficiaries can be identified and their masks removed from their faces. Critics, however, are pessimistic about the government’s promise, saying that observers have been warning about it for years, and every time the government makes a promise, it becomes time-consuming and has not yet taken the necessary action.

Europe fears a flood of Ukrainian immigrants.

Reports published in the UK show that hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians flee the country to neighbouring countries. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have fled to neighbouring countries following the escalation of hostilities in various parts of Ukraine. Reports published in the UK on Ukraine’s borders with Poland, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia indicate tens of kilometres of cars lined up behind their borders. Hundreds of thousands of people travel by car and on foot, especially to the Polish border, entering other EU member states.

Accommodation of Ukrainian refugees in EU countries

However, the Ukrainian military is blocking the departure of men between the ages of 18 and 60 and is urging them to stay and help the military. According to witnesses, preventing the men from leaving has led to several families who, together with the father of the family and the elderly, who wanted to go with their children in their cars, face disorder and forced separation. Polish officials say more than 100,000 Ukrainians have entered the country from eight border crossings and settled in camps set up for them.

Americans and Europeans fear the flood of Ukrainian immigrants.

US and EU officials are working to keep the Ukrainian people in their cities and prevent them from migrating, promising more aid. To avoid the influx of Ukrainian immigrants to these countries, the Western European member states are also preparing to provide basic facilities in neighbouring countries so that they do not have to travel to Western European countries. Western European countries fear that in the event of a flood of migrants to these countries, they will be forced to bear the enormous costs of their admission, which will affect their economic conditions. If they are stopped, they will act contrary to what was promised. And their months-long propaganda in support of the Ukrainian people will be severely questioned.

Although hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians are waiting for help, and according to immigration rights activists, thousands of them have applied to immigrate to Western European countries, their authorities have not yet responded positively. EU officials fear the Ukraine crisis and its war with Russia could jeopardize their economic interests.

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