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Rising cost of living in the UK

The Rising cost of living in the UK: Energy prices, Rental prices

The rising cost of living in the UK has become a severe crisis. According to UK Parliament, the cost of living has been increasing across...
drought is declared by the UK government

Fears of Food Insecurity Rises as drought is declared by the UK government

There were five months of below-average rainfall around England, where temperatures were above average. Drought is declared by the UK government in several parts...
Food poverty in the UK

The unprecedented increase in food poverty in the UK

Many people in the UK are struggling with the crisis of rising food costs and food poverty. In this regard, the Bank of England announced that...
Crisis in the UK NHS

Crisis in the UK NHS: The deplorable situation – 2022

What is the main reason for the crisis in the UK NHS? What solutions have British politicians considered regarding the UK NHS crisis? ...
Keir Starmer

Labour Leader Starmer Outlines a Growth Plan for the UK Economy

In a speech made in Liverpool on Monday, Sir Keir Starmer proclaimed that the future Labour government’s goals would be "Growth, growth and growth." The...
Boris Johnson's successor

Boris Johnson’s successor: The next prime minister will also be from Johnson’s cabinet

After the resignation of Boris Johnson, the Parliament of England quickly decided on Boris Johnson's successor. England is at a disadvantage, and they need...
Tory resignation in 2022

Tory resignation in 2022: The roots of the crisis

Over these years, mainly during the lockdown time, Boris Johnson's scandals have increased more and more, and not only Boris Johnson but also all...
Will Rishi Sunak be the prime minister?

Successor to UK’s Boris Johnson: Will Rishi Sunak Be the Prime Minister?

Boris Johnson has gone through a journey from the general election in 2019 to his recent quitting. Following his resignation, several Conservative MPs announced...
UK Defence Budget

Increases in the UK Defence Budget

London, June 30 (Reuters) - Britain will boost defence spending to 2.5% of its gross domestic product (GPD) by the end of this decade,...
Boris Johnson's Resignation

Boris Johnson Resignation: Challenges for a Successor

The difficulties created by outgoing British Minister Boris Johnson have hurt the Conservative Party with the voters. The crisis of confidence that has engulfed...

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