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Electricity Prices

Rise in Industrial Electricity Prices in the UK

What is the reason for the increase in steel prices in the UK in recent weeks? How much has the price of industrial electricity increased...
violence against women

The UK’s Epidemic of violence against women

The UK is facing a reckoning on gender-based violence. Boris Johnson’s government has ruined its response. The Police are refusing even to register the...
racism NHS

Will the UK Government Address Racism in the NHS?

Structural racism within the UK society is an existing factor that affects social productivity and work improvement. Inequalities in the workplace have targeted the...
Food Security

Ukraine war puts European food security at risk

How has the Russian invasion of Ukraine affected world food security? What is the reason for the unprecedented rise in vegetable oil prices after the...

The Many Ailments Of Britain’s Healthcare

With the introduction of bills like Health and Care 2021 and Integrated Care Systems (ICS) programs, the Healthcare system has been changing for a...
Sexual harassment in the UK

Sexual harassment in the UK: Major legal flaws

Sexual harassment is one of the categories that indicates gender inequality in the United Kingdom. There was no specific law to deal with this...
fossil energy

The UK seeks to reduce dependence on fossil energy

What measures has the UK devised to reduce its dependence on fossil energy? What was the purpose of the G7 summit last month? What are the...
child sexual abuse in the UK

Widespread child sexual abuse in the UK

What do the research results on child sexual abuse in the UK indicate? What has been the outcome of requests for child protection in the...
Sports Sanctions

FIFA Is No Longer Apolitical by Imposing Sports Sanctions on Russia

In reaction to the Ukraine crisis, FIFA and UEFA have banned Russian men’s and women’s football teams from competitions. Russia was the host of...
Ethnic and racial minorities

Ethnic and racial minorities in the UK Government

The problems of ethnic and racial minorities and their politicians have not been solved or alleviated in the 21st century. The prevalence of Covid...

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