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UK Food banks

Increasing demand from UK food banks in the upcoming winter

 What is the reason for the increased demand from the UK food banks? Why have food donations to the UK food banks decreased recently? What have...
Economic crisis

Economic crisis & the rise of right-wing governments in the world.

History is repeating itself. Economic crisis have always led to the emergence of right-wing and sometimes racist governments in Europe and the world. The...

Sterling-dollar parity is possible, according to Citi, as the UK faces a currency crisis

The pound has fallen more than 3% versus the dollar as of 4 p.m. London time on Friday, reaching a new high of $1.0915. It...
the energy bill crisis in the UK

Consequences of the energy bill crisis in the UK

What is the status of the energy bill crisis in the UK? Does the British government have a solution for the continued energy crisis? Following the...
Sanna Marin clubbing

The ‘Cool’ Prime Minister of NATO-Hopeful Finland Makes the Best of a Leaked Video

As Finland threatened to set visa limitations for Russian tourists, a video of Sanna Marin clubbing went viral. The Finnish prime minister has made...
Rising cost of living in the UK

The Rising cost of living in the UK: Energy prices, Rental prices

The rising cost of living in the UK has become a severe crisis. According to UK Parliament, the cost of living has been increasing across...
China's attack on Taiwan in 2022

China’s attack on Taiwan in 2022

China fired multiple missiles around Taiwan on Thursday as it launched unprecedented military drills. The military exercises started a day after a visit by...
Crisis in the UK NHS

Crisis in the UK NHS: The deplorable situation – 2022

What is the main reason for the crisis in the UK NHS? What solutions have British politicians considered regarding the UK NHS crisis? ...
Europe energy crisis

Europe energy crisis is increasing at an alarming rate

The cost of Europe energy crisis will be $200 billion. Governments should support troubled energy companies if they care about electricity and heating. Ultimately,...
next Prime Minister

Who will be the next Prime Minister?

This is a long, hot summer in Britain, and 150,000 people are choosing our next prime minister Between Liz Truss & Rishi Sunak They will...

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