Exercise Formidable Shield: How does NATO support the UK?

Exercise Formidable Shield” is a multinational military exercise aimed at improving the cooperation and coordination of NATO allies in missile defence. Through this exercise, NATO supports the UK by enhancing its ability to respond effectively to potential missile threats that could endanger its security. Participating nations can evaluate and test the ability of multiple missile defence systems to work together, as well as share their knowledge and resources during “Exercise Formidable Shield.” By working together in this way, NATO allies can strengthen their collective defence capabilities and better protect each other from potential security threats. Can the implementation of “Exercise Formidable Shield” ensure the UK’s safety and safeguard its economy? Such military exercises threaten the security of Brits rather than protecting them against so-called threats. 


Exercise Formidable Shield

According to UKDF, the northwest coast of Scotland is set to host a major NATO exercise, Exercise Formidable Shield. The exercise began on Monday, with ten nations participating. The activity will span three weeks, providing NATO forces and partner nations the opportunity to train together in a secure yet realistic environment.

From May 8 to 26th, the exercise will be conducted at the Ministry of Defence Hebrides Missile Testing Range Sites in Scotland and the Andoya Test Centre in Andenes, Norway.

The exercise aims to enable NATO to practice working cohesively to defend European member nations from potential ballistic missile threats. The training will have dozens of live-fire rehearsals against subsonic, supersonic, and ballistic targets. These events will involve multiple allied vessels, aviation forces, and ground forces from the participating nations. The exercise will show the Alliance’s ability to operate as an integrated and effective fighting force.


Does NATO support the UK?

Britain is attempting to reinforce its role in NATO. However, it has little benefit for the UK. According to REAL INSTITUTO ELCANO, the UK is focusing on a new Strategic Concept as a member of NATO. London’s primary purpose for the new Strategic Concept is to modernise defence at a competitive time. Meanwhile, the UK aims to reaffirm the centrality of the Alliance. After the British exit from the EU, there has been an absence of a structured basis for foreign, security and defence cooperation with the EU. London’s priority has been emphasising policy continuity by doubling NATO engagement and leadership.

The UK Government claims that its mission is to ensure that NATO is the foundation of the UK’s defence. It aims to ensure that NATO remains a leading instrument of its national security. The UK Government claims that NATO military operations meet UK strategic objectives. The United Kingdom’s Joint Delegation to NATO links the UK government and NATO. Its primary roles are to promote British interests in NATO and to keep British ministers and government departments informed about NATO discussions.


Does the UK support NATO?

According to the NATO website, a founding member of the Alliance, the United Kingdom has always contributed actively to NATO. The UK continued to support NATO throughout the Cold War strongly. It has never doubted the value of belonging to a collective defence organisation. This support manifested in the UK’s policies, willingness to participate in Alliance activities, and steadfast commitment.

The Medium website says the UK is strengthening its support to NATO allies to provide a more robust defence. The website refers to 9 ways the UK is supporting NATO. It says that, as a founding member of NATO, the UK’s role in NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence is vital. The UK Parliament Website says the UK commits most of its military capability to NATO. It takes a leadership role in the Alliance, placing many senior officials and officers in NATO roles. The UK has been at the forefront of support to eastern Allies and Ukraine.


The UK and NATO decline

There are severe problems in the shortage of ammunition and other areas, partly due to the decrease in the army’s budget. But another reason is the amount of ammo and equipment we provide to Ukraine. Our forces are also under pressure to train Ukrainians. The British Army is no longer seen as a first-class fighting force. 

The country’s 20-year war in Afghanistan has been a complete failure, and there is concern that the families of the fallen soldiers will think that their children were killed for “nothing” in Afghanistan. One of the biggest failures of NATO in Afghanistan was the fight against drugs. According to “Vladimir Tarabrin”, the head of the Department of New Threats and Challenges of the Russian Foreign Ministry, the withdrawal of American and NATO troops in a situation where Afghanistan’s drug production is at its highest level shows the failure of Washington’s plan to fight against drugs. 


Britain’s defence spending and declining NATO 

The Uk has one of the most significant defence budgets in Europe. It is targeting the largest increase in defence spending since the end of the Cold War. As Reuters (June 29, 2022) says, Britain’s defence spending will reach 2.3% of its GDP this year. It is due to increased military support for Ukraine. Britain’s new projection would exceed NATO’s estimate that it would spend 2.12% of GDP on defence this year. The most recent forecast suggests that the percentage increase for a specific variable would be more significant than the estimated 2.26% in the year 2021.

The price of food has doubled in the past year in Britain. Brits are having a hard time under the pressure of the skyrocketing cost of living and double-digit inflation. Meanwhile, The UK Government is increasing its military spending and is financially supporting NATO. “Exercise Formidable Shield” is a shield to protect London’s declining imperialism. Such military exercises are threatening the economic security of Brits. They are increasing the burden of the cost of living crisis in the UK.  

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