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Food poverty in the UK

The unprecedented increase in food poverty in the UK

Many people in the UK are struggling with the crisis of rising food costs and food poverty. In this regard, the Bank of England announced that...
UK economic recession 2022

UK economic recession 2022: rising inflation awaits the British

Inflation in the UK is expected to reach what rate in the coming months? How has the war between Ukraine and Russia affected...
Europe energy crisis

Europe energy crisis is increasing at an alarming rate

The cost of Europe energy crisis will be $200 billion. Governments should support troubled energy companies if they care about electricity and heating. Ultimately,...
Nord Stream 1

Europe Faces a Tough Winter Ahead as Russia Cuts Gas Flow on Nord Stream...

Russia is manipulating Europe's energy market by phasing down gas and oil exports. The state-owned company Gazprom has reduced gas flowing via Nord Stream...
UK Economic Crisis

The UK Economic Crisis: Brits Buying Cheap and Frozen Foods

UK Economic Crisis, Bank of England, UK Inflation Rate What are the British buying cheap and frozen foods? What do forecasts by the Bank of England...
Northern Ireland Independence

Independence Wanted by the Irish in the Northern Ireland Independence Poll

What do the results of the Northern Ireland independence poll show? What are the reasons for independence supporters in Northern Ireland to hold a referendum...
Train Strike

Train Strike in the UK: The impulses of the economic crisis are appearing

The most significant rail strikes in 30 years will go ahead this week after last-ditch talks failed, the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union...
UK GDP Breakdown

The UK GDP Breakdown; Uncertain Future of Britain’s Economy

The UK economy has suffered a significant slump in the first quarter of 2022. Decreased production and low investment have resulted in the UK...
Housing prices in the UK

Breaking the record for rising housing prices in the UK

 What have been the reasons for the successive rise in housing prices in the UK over the past two years? What do the housing price...
Bank of England

The cost of living crisis: The inflation giant has awakened

How has the rise in the consumer price index in the UK affected the standard of living of the British? What has the British Chamber...

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