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gender inequality in UK workplaces

Gender Payment Imbalance in the UK Workplaces

Around 95%  of local bodies across the UK are held by men, and just over a third of local councillors in the UK are...

Strikes Stifle UK Economic Growth

The latest GDP data show that public service and teacher strikes hampered service sector development in February, resulting in negative growth. February's UK economic...
asylum seekers in military bases

UK Plans to Accommodate Asylum Seekers in Military Bases

The UK's plans to house asylum seekers in military bases are severe. To reduce its costs, the UK wants to accommodate asylum seekers in military bases...
What was Rishi Sunak's action against the economic crisis?

What was Rishi Sunak’s action against the economic crisis?

What are Rishi Sunak's pledges to restore the UK economy? How does Rishi Sunak want to revive the UK economy? What does Rishi...
UK-EU Agreement

Post-Brexit Conflicts: The UK-EU Agreement on Northern Ireland

After months of dispute, Brussels and London reached an agreement on the Northern Ireland protocol, which has many critics in the conservative party. Some...
UK's annual inflation rate

UK’s Annual Inflation Rate: Rising Prices in Goods and Services

The UK's annual inflation rate is rising rapidly. The research results show that British people must spend more to buy necessities from stores this...
Harrys revelations

Prince Harry Could not Be a King; He Could Gain Fame for Himself &...

What subject does the book Spare cover? Are Harry's revelations risks to his future? Why did Prince Harry expose too much about his...
Brexit Broke Britain

Brexit Broke Britain in the Worst Way Possible, Pushing People to the Edge

What has Brexit done to the UK's currency and trade? Why do foreign investors leave the UK? How did Brexit Shambles push people...
Unions have lost faith in the pay review bodies

UK Ministers Must Think Clearly and Act Fairly to Handle the Economic Uncertainty, the...

Why do the UK public sector workers hold massive and continuous strikes? How can the public sector unions negotiate with the government over...
post-Brexit freeports

Post-Brexit Freeports Boost Crimes and Corruption in Britain

Why does the UK government want more freeports across the country? What are some of the pros and cons of post-Brexit freeports in...

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