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China's attack on Taiwan in 2022

China’s attack on Taiwan in 2022

China fired multiple missiles around Taiwan on Thursday as it launched unprecedented military drills. The military exercises started a day after a visit by...
next Prime Minister

Who will be the next Prime Minister?

This is a long, hot summer in Britain, and 150,000 people are choosing our next prime minister Between Liz Truss & Rishi Sunak They will...
Nord Stream 1

Europe Faces a Tough Winter Ahead as Russia Cuts Gas Flow on Nord Stream...

Russia is manipulating Europe's energy market by phasing down gas and oil exports. The state-owned company Gazprom has reduced gas flowing via Nord Stream...
UK government debt and deficit

Unprecedented record breaking of UK government debt and deficit

How much has the UK government debt and the deficit increased in June? How did Boris Johnson's resignation affect UK economic indicators? How much has the...
Keir Starmer

Labour Leader Starmer Outlines a Growth Plan for the UK Economy

In a speech made in Liverpool on Monday, Sir Keir Starmer proclaimed that the future Labour government’s goals would be "Growth, growth and growth." The...
Boris Johnson's relationships

Boris Johnson’s relationships: Johnson’s turbulent life

Current Boris Johnson's wife, Carrie Symonds, 34, is the daughter of The Independent co-founder Matthew Symonds. The pair tied the knot in May and shared two...
Europe's energy crisis

Europe’s energy crisis: The EU Emergency plan

 What factors have caused the energy crisis in Europe? What measures have EU members taken to deal with Europe's energy crisis? What was the European Commission's...
Boris Johnson's successor

Boris Johnson’s successor: The next prime minister will also be from Johnson’s cabinet

After the resignation of Boris Johnson, the Parliament of England quickly decided on Boris Johnson's successor. England is at a disadvantage, and they need...
Conservative Members

Will Disloyal Rishi Sunak Win Over the New’ Iron Lady’?

Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss are the two final candidates in the UK Conservative Party's leadership contest. Both candidates try to win the race...
Tory resignation in 2022

Tory resignation in 2022: The roots of the crisis

Over these years, mainly during the lockdown time, Boris Johnson's scandals have increased more and more, and not only Boris Johnson but also all...

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