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National Health Service strike

National Health Service Strike: Battling for Fairness and Patient Care

NHS worker strikes, encompassing doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, are a rare occurrence on a global scale. However, the recent strike within England's...
resignation of the UK environment minister

What Really Led to Rishi Sunak’s Popularity Plunge?

The resignation of the UK environment minister adds another layer of complexity to an already challenging situation for Rishi Sunak and his leadership within...
UK police

What Does the UK Government’s Public Order Bill Really Mean?

The UK Prime Minister recently announced granting new powers to the country's police force to address illegal protests. The Prime Minister expressed complete support...
Governor of the BoE

Unprecedented Times: Talks of Removing Bank of England Governor Surfaces.

In the midst of a deepening economic crisis, whispers of a potential removal of the Governor of the Bank of England (BoE) have sent...
UK Parliamentary Inquiry Committee

Labour Party’s Surprising Surge Amid Mounting ‘Partygate’ Chaos

In the wake of the recent Partygate scandal that has sent shockwaves through British politics, the Labour Party is seizing an opportunity to gain...
royal expenses in the UK

Criticism Mounts Over Increased Royal Expenses in the UK

The annual report of the Royal Palace reveals a consecutive rise in royal expenses in the UK for the second year running. According to...
poverty in the UK

Challenges Faced by the UK Population: Rising Inflation, Poverty, and Hunger

The British population has been grappling with the persistent rising inflation and the soaring cost of living, which has been a cause of great...
Union strikes

Are Union Strikes a Right or a Problem That Needs Addressing?

Union strikes involving employees refusing to work can be a contentious issue. Strikes can be either official, where trade unions adhere to legal regulations,...
interest rates in the UK

Declining Popularity of Rishi Sunak Prompts British Opposition Parties to Seek Early Elections

There has been a significant rise in interest rates in the UK, directly affecting the mortgage payments of countless households. This increase comes when...
AI Development

UK’s Pursuit of AI Supremacy: Rishi Sunak Spearheads Global Leadership Drive

TheĀ UK government, aiming to assume AI Global Leadership and oversee the advancements in this technology, plans to convene the inaugural international conference in the...

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