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Yemen War: the UK supporting Saudi Arabia's war crimes

Yemen War : the UK supporting Saudi Arabia’s war crimes

British weapons in the Saudi army in the Yemen war are against human rights. It shows that the British government is complicit in Saudi's...
Fight Against Putin

Top man of democracy and the fight against Putin?!

Boris Johnson wants to be the top man to fight Putin. He is trying to become the first man of democracy in the world....
Elon Musk

Elon Musk Purchase of Twitter Could Empower Republicans

American mogul billionaire Elon Musk has struck a deal to buy Twitter for 44 billion dollars. The world’s richest person is taking over the...
Israeli human rights

The EU’s indifference to Israeli human rights abuses

How has the EU reacted to Palestinian and Israeli pressures? What does the EU want from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? What is the reason for the negligence...
French election

French election: Le Pen’s Victory Could Weaken the EU’s Political Integrity

French voters will cast their ballots on Sunday in the final round of a presidential race. Outgoing President Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen...

Hungarian election: roots and effects

Hungary's Orbán, whose right-wing nationalist party won reelection just four days ago ( 04/03/22), The success of Fidesz in rural districts and its defeat in Budapest...
US nuclear weapons

CND warn against bringing back US nuclear weapons to the UK

Britain is up to store US nuclear weapons for the first time in more than a decade, and it will undoubtedly increase global tension....

Pakistan faces a political crisis: Imran Khan’s impeachment

US official behind 'foreign conspiracy' to oust Imran Khan Imran Khan was ousted due to independent policies and close ties with China and Russia. The...
Human Rights

UK Ignores Human Rights Abuses by Saudi Arabia

Seven years since the beginning of Saudi-led offensives in Yemen, the UK has maintained a broad alliance with the kingdom. The UK government’s arms...
Sport Is a Tool in the Hands of Politicians

Russia-Ukraine War: Sport Is a tool in the Hands of Politicians

Politicising sports minimises the cultural performance of professional sports. Banning countries from sporting events for political reasons is a violation of human rights. Now...

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