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Europe energy crisis

Europe energy crisis is increasing at an alarming rate

The cost of Europe energy crisis will be $200 billion. Governments should support troubled energy companies if they care about electricity and heating. Ultimately,...
Nord Stream 1

Europe Faces a Tough Winter Ahead as Russia Cuts Gas Flow on Nord Stream...

Russia is manipulating Europe's energy market by phasing down gas and oil exports. The state-owned company Gazprom has reduced gas flowing via Nord Stream...
Europe's energy crisis

Europe’s energy crisis: The EU Emergency plan

 What factors have caused the energy crisis in Europe? What measures have EU members taken to deal with Europe's energy crisis? What was the European Commission's...
UK Economic Crisis

The UK Economic Crisis: Brits Buying Cheap and Frozen Foods

UK Economic Crisis, Bank of England, UK Inflation Rate What are the British buying cheap and frozen foods? What do forecasts by the Bank of England...
weapons sent to Ukraine

The Ukraine war: Widespread delivery of military equipment to Ukraine

Congress has now authorized an extra $40 billion in aid to Ukraine, in addition to President Biden's $33 billion budget. Since Russia's invasion in...
UK GDP Breakdown

The UK GDP Breakdown; Uncertain Future of Britain’s Economy

The UK economy has suffered a significant slump in the first quarter of 2022. Decreased production and low investment have resulted in the UK...
Northern Ireland Protocol

Boris Johnson and Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues to make breaking news in the world on its 6th day as global anger continues to rise. Every country...
Economic Decline

The Chinese Economy

China has faced worrying and unpredictable changes from the outset of the pandemic. The first wave of Covid-19 to hit the country in 2020 brought...
Membership of Finland and Sweden in NATO

Finland and Sweden NATO Membership: Russia Feels Threatened

Finland and Sweden have requested to join NATO. Putin's predictions of a deterrent to NATO expansion have not come true in the Ukraine war....
invasion of Ukraine

Will the US or EU Suffer Heavy Losses from the Russia-Ukraine War?

Sooner or later, Russia's war against Ukraine will end and talk of winners and losers will begin. Whatever the details, there is only one...

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