Partygate: demand for Boris Johnson’s resignation

What is the reason for the increase in the demand for Boris Johnson to resign from the post of Prime Minister?

Why has Conservative support for Boris Johnson declined in recent months?

Despite the rules and restrictions, how has having a party at the Prime Minister’s Office affected Boris Johnson’s popularity?

What do analysts think is the reason for the gradual release of images of Boris Johnson violating the restrictions?

The revelations against Boris Johnson continue one after another. The British media reported that another party would be held in 2021 at the UK Prime Minister’s Office, held on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral. New revelations against the UK Prime Minister show that dozens of the Office Employees had “partygate” on Downing Street last year on the eve of the funeral of Prince Philip, the wife of the UK Queen, in April.

Holding a party against the rules of social distance

The matter was related to the farewell of two of the prime minister’s confidants, and Johnson himself was not present. 10 Downing Street has not yet commented. At the date of partygate in mid-April 2021, strict separation rules were in place in the UK, and family members were not allowed to meet in closed rooms. Even the Queen of the UK was forced to sit alone in a small church the day after her husband’s funeral due to Covid-19 rules. Alcohol is drunk at these parties and some dance. 

One of Johnson’s advisors was sometimes in charge of the music at the event. Alcohol was brought from a supermarket near the venue to Downing Street in a suitcase. A total of about 30 people are said to have attended the two separate ceremonies on Downing Street, which joined in the middle of the night.

Constant revelations against Boris Johnson

Johnson has previously been under intense scrutiny for revealing several celebrations and parties at the Prime Minister’s Office in May and December 2020 during the UK quarantine period. The opposition and some conservative MPs have even called for Johnson to step down. In the UK Parliament, Johnson formally apologized for attending a party in the garden of his residence on Downing Street during the quarantine in the UK. At the same time, he called it a working meeting.


Boris Johnson, and his wife, Carrie Johnson, attended a rotation in the garden of their official residence on May 20, 2020, followed by 30 to 40 staff members of the Prime Minister’s Office. Under quarantine rules in the UK at the time, only members of the two families were allowed to meet outdoors. ITV reported the news, citing an e-mail invitation from Prime Minister’s Principal Private Secretary Martin Reynolds to about 100 employees. The e-mail stated that staff should make the most of the garden’s air conditioning and bring alcohol with them to drink from a distance. The revelation of the party documents is just one of the scandals that Johnson has faced recently.

Johnson is losing Conservative support.

Johnson has now become the subject of much of the British media. Even a conservative newspaper close to the Telegraph government headlined after the revelations that “Boris Johnson losing Tory support as the storm grows over Downing Street garden party.” The revelations have drastically reduced Johnson’s conservative popularity among British citizens.

The quarantine officer himself violated the regulation

Kate Josephs, A former Covid-19 taskforce chief, violated covid-19 laws and attended a party at the height of the coronation and quarantine restrictions. 

According to the British media, people couldn’t even visit their closest loved ones. Media revealed that Kate Josephs, another senior British government official, attended the party by several people to mark the end of his career and violated quarantine rules. Now the chief executive of Sheffield City Council, Kate Josephs has apologized after revealing her presence at a party on December 17, 2020, and violating Covid-19 rules. Asked what other people were present at the party, Kate declined to comment, saying she could not provide any information.

British Labor leader insists on Johnson’s resignation

The leader of the British Labor Party has demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections. The British Conservative Party has never been credible in the national healthcare sector. Every day we see the strange deeds of a prime minister who is tricked and unable to lead. 

The Labour leader, Keir Starmer, in a speech at the Fabian Society conference in London, said: 

“I think, by the way, the scandal of partygate, for want of a better word. what’s happened in recent weeks, where it has become obvious that while the vast majority of the British public were obeying the laws the Government made, the Government and the Prime Minister were partying in Downing Street. I think that has added to mental health stress because so many people are now asking themselves, ‘Why on earth did I do that then, while they were doing what they were doing?”.


Boris Johnson has no moral authority.

“What we’ve now got to is a situation where you have a Prime Minister who has lost the moral authority after Partygate. And just when you need a Government that has that moral authority to lead because we are not out of the pandemic, we’ve lost it with this Prime Minister. The moral authority matters, of course, to Covid-19, but we’ve got other massive challenges facing this country,” Keir Starmer said of Boris Johnson’s political situation. 

The popularity of the ruling Conservative Party has plummeted following the revelation of several parties against Covid-19 restrictions in UK government buildings. The popularity of the Conservative Party has been declining since Boris Johnson became Prime Minister in 2019. Some analysts see the gradual release of the scandalous images of the breach of the Covid-19 restrictions as a pretext for replacing Boris Johnson as the leader of the Conservative Party.

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