Is Boris Johnson’s Credibility Too Low to Run the Country?

UK Conservative Party has lost a safe seat in a parliamentary by-election. The PM has been under attacks after leaking of a video and photos of the Conservative’s gatherings during earlier lockdowns. The party has suffered severe blows while Boris Johnson’s credibility is waning and his premiership is questioned.

Johnson Blamed the Media for the Defeat

The loss of a parliamentary seat of the UK Conservative party in a by-election is a hard hit to the PM. After around two centuries, the Conservatives lost their parliamentary seat of North Shropshire, which undermined Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s credibility. The Conservative MP for Shropshire had to resign after he had breached parliamentary rules on lobbying.

After weeks of rows on different levels, losing this seat is a historic defeat for the ruling Conservative party. Boris Johnson’s credibility is uncertain now and he could lose support of the MPs. This is a disastrous loss in a region where the Conservatives used to be popular. Johnson took personal responsibility for the defeat, but he blamed the media for the loss. He accused the media for focusing on the party’s breaching rules and said the media bolded stuffs not related to people’s lives.

Johnson May Receive No-Confidence Votes

The UK media has recently published some photos and also a video related to the breaking of the Covid rules of the government. The Conservative senior members had held a party during the last Christmas lockdown. Although the prime minister pretended that there was no breach of rules in No 10, his team did not fully follow the restriction rules.

Millions in Britain had to abide by the limiting rules, and cancelled plans and meetings with their loved ones. News about the Conservatives’ Christmas party angered many people so no doubt it influenced many voters in the recent by-election. After Shropshire severe defeat to Liberal Democrat party, Boris Johnson’s credibility suffered a hard blow. Some of the Conservative MPs fear the party’s status is under threat and it may lose more seats in the future elections. Now, the prime minister may possibly receive letters of no-confidence votes from the Conservative MPs.

PM Faces Disagreements in the Commons

Boris Johnson’s credibility has faded away and the opposition leader questioned his capability for running the country through the pandemic. Johnson’s measures to handle the pandemic encountered revolt and disagreement in the parliament. The Conservative MPs have opposed his plans several times, putting Boris Johnson’s credibility under question. Previously, 97 Conservative MPs out of 128 MPs voted against Johnson’s vaccine passport. Some 61 Conservative MPs voted against Johnson’s mandatory vaccination. His presence at No 10 has damaged the public trust in the Conservative party. The damaging result of the recent by-election shows Boris Johnson’s credibility and the Conservative party’s popularity is at a low level. If he does not change the way he rules, he will put more pressures on the party.

Conservative Members’ Resignations a Blow to Johnson

The prime minister’s opponents have emphasized the recent defeat to bold that Boris Johnson’s credibility is weakening. In a fresh blow to Johnson, David Frost, the former Brexit negotiator, resigned from the government. As a sign of Boris Johnson’s credibility failure, Frost said he was concerned about the prime minister’s Covid plan. Frost is one of the popular Conservative members whose resignation deepened the crisis for Johnson.

As Johnson has been losing the members of his team, his capability for ruling a disciplined party is under question. Alan Dunlop, a former chairman of the Northern Ireland Conservatives resigned in October. He dubbed the recent defeat as an indictment of Johnson’s management. He believed government’s disrespect to Covid rules resulted in this backlash. Dunlop added that things have been on a slippery slope for the Conservative party.

PM Did Not Follow Two-Meter Distance Rule

In addition to the leaking of a video of Johnson’s aides Christmas party, new photos of another party are published. An event that happened in May 2020 inside and outside No 10 where prime minister and his wife attended. These photos show there was no social distancing and 19 people gathered in groups. The photos are revealed one week after the video of another gathering by the Conservative party. But the prime minister has denied any breaching of rules by his government.

In May 2020 social mixing between households was limited to two persons. People were allowed to meet outdoors with a two-meter distance. On the same day of the May gathering, the health secretary was asking people to stick to the Covid rules. Photos and videos of their so-called “wine and cheese events” are hard hits to Boris Johnson’s credibility and his reputation.

SNP Member Asked Johnson to Resign

The Conservative party has been losing its credibility throughout the last year. Few months back, the ruling Conservative party lost another seat to the Liberal Democrat party. Chesham and Amersham voters took another safe seat from the Conservatives in a by-election. The result was called shocking because no one believed that any party could beat the Conservatives there. The scandal-hit Conservative party also lost a great majority of its supporters in recent months. In the wake of Conservative party’s sleazes, the Labor party has gained nine-point lead, its best lead since 2014. Johnson has been criticized in and out of the party. The SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford asked the prime minister to resign otherwise Conservative party should remove him. Blackford reminded that the UK Prime Minister has not met his duties, and he did not follow the Covid rules so he must quit.


The ruling Conservative party in Britain has lost a safe seat at the Commons after around 200 years. Boris Johnson’s credibility has suffered several blows in recent months which is considered a real warning for the Conservatives. Losing parliamentary seats could be seen as a referendum on Johnson’s government amid scandals and Covid mismanagement. Both the Labors and the Liberal Democrats have casted doubt on Boris Johnson’s credibility to run the country.

Both parties have brought up the idea of a weak premiership of the Conservatives. The scandals and crises surrounding Johnson have put his leadership in a weaker position. People are frustrated and Boris Johnson’s reputation is on a slippery slope. He is becoming unpopular among voters and among his own party. Strings of scandals and mismanagements undermined the Conservative party’s position. It is the time for the Labor and the Liberal Democrat parties to grow larger and grasp more parliamentary seats.

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