By-election results: Will the Conservative Party Lawmakers Force Boris Johnson out of Office?

The UK Prime Minister has recently survived a rebellion within his party. Boris Johnson could survive it and remained the Conservative Party’s leader. However, in a new devastating blow, he has suffered rejection by voters in by-election results. Boris Johnson has failed in different fields during his term at Downing Street. Therefore, his position is bruised, and he may face more calls to resign.

The Conservatives Have Little Hope for the Next Elections 

The UK Conservative Party under Prime Minister Boris Johnson will lose seats at the next general election. Boris Johnson, the MP for Uxbridge, is also on course to lose his heart to a Labour candidate. Some Conservative MPs have warned that the party will not win the next parliamentary election under Johnson’s leadership. Boris Johnson’s declining popularity could motivate the Conservative Party to try to oust him as soon as possible.

The Conservative lawmakers who fear for their futures could also try to force the PM to resign. Boris Johnson has lost the Conservative MPs’ respect and trust due to his failures. His Brexit plan has brought social and economic troubles to the country. Boris Johnson has planned to level up the land and save the country’s integrity. However, his project is failing, and Brexit has widened Britain’s division.

PM Suffered a Double Blow 

The Conservative Party lost seats in two by-elections, so the UK Prime Minister suffered a fresh blow. The ruling Conservative Party lost the stronghold of Tiverton and Honiton to the centrist Liberal Democrats. The main opposition Labor Party could similarly take another seat in the Northern area of Wakefield. This blow comes after Boris Johnson survived a no-confidence vote over a scandal known as Partygate. Withdrawal from supporting the Conservative Party under Boris Johnson has left him a weakened leader with an uncertain future.

Boris Johnson has lost the support of both voters and his fellow Conservative lawmakers. After the devastating double losses in by-elections, the party’s co-chairman Olive Dowden resigned. The overwhelming by-election results have raised questions over Boris Johnson’s leadership. An ex-Conservative leader has called for the prime minister to resign. Michael Howard has said the party would be better under new leadership.

The Shame of Partygate Is on Johnson 

Boris Johnson won his premiership debate one month before the disappointing by-election results. Back then, 148 Conservative MPs voted to oust Boris Johnson from the party’s leadership. Conservative MPs submitted their letters of no confidence, and the 1922 committee triggered the ballot. The prime minister and his cabinet had breached the Covid pandemic restriction rules.

Several MPs have accused Boris Johnson of the Partygate scandal and called for him to resign. The Liberal Democrat leader said Boris Johnson was a coward to resign. Sir Ed Davey had warned that the by-election results would be the word of the British people. His prediction was accurate, and the Conservative Party lost one of its safe seats to the Liberal Democratic party. Now, Conservative MPs warn that the party will lose the next general election if Boris Johnson remains in power.

The PM Lost Trusts of His MPs 

Boris Johnson has clung to his position in the no-confidence vote, but his leadership is weaker inside the Conservative Party. Some 41 percent of his party voted to get rid of him after the Partygate scandal was revealed. The no-confidence in Boris Johnson’s leadership was their party’s worst verdict on a sitting prime minister. The prime minister lost most of his support in parliament which paralyzed his government. After several scandals, 41 percent of Conservative MPs revolted against him. The scale of the rebellion against the prime minister showed that his authority was weak. The Conservative Party is divided, and discontent among the Conservative supporters has grown. The prime minister had to pay fines for breaching the law, but he rejected calls for resignation. Breaching the rules reduced public trust in Boris Johnson’s premiership. As a result, the party has lost two by-elections to its rivals.

British Voters Are under Financial Pressure 

British people are under the cost of living crisis and struggle for their daily needs. An analysis by the TPA has found that the UK’s five-year average tax burden was at a 70-year high in 2021-22. The level of taxation under Boris Johnson is likely higher than other postwar British prime ministers. The sky-high tax burden on the British workers means they have to work one week longer to earn enough to pay their bills. British taxpayers must pay 870 billion pounds in income tax, national insurance, and indirect taxes. Boris Johnson’s government has argued that it had to make difficult decisions on tax policy. But the UK government cannot tax people’s way of living comfortably. British people struggle with the cost of living crisis, and the government should keep taxes low.

The UK Government’s Economic Policies Failed 

Things look tough for the UK government as skyrocketing energy and food prices put financial pressure on people. British households faced the most severe pressure as inflation hit a 40-year record. The UK is experiencing the highest inflation rate among the G7 group of wealthy nations. Soaring prices will increase living costs even further and push growing pressure on British households. The UK government said it used all the tools to combat rising prices and bring inflation down. However, economists said inflation would increase further in the coming months as energy and food prices keep growing. Boris Johnson’s government has told the public-sector workers that they would get a pay cut to control the inflation rise. There are tough times ahead for British households, and people are dissatisfied with this government’s economic policies.


Boris Johnson has so far resisted leaving Downing Street. He has failed on many levels as the U Prime Minister. He could not handle the country well, and his Brexit plan brought dissatisfaction among people. The UK is at risk of recession, and almost half of adults in the UK have cut back on their food spending. He failed to abide by the restriction rules during the Covid pandemic.

Last month, more than 40 percent of his party voted to remove him from leadership. Recently, two by-election results were disappointing for the prime minister. Voters rejected the Conservative Party, and the ruling party lost two parliamentary seats. Many Conservative MPs fear losing the next general election under Boris Johnson’s leadership. If Jonson remains in power, this insults the electorates and could hit his party. The Conservative lawmakers should decide decisively.

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