Boris Johnson Scandal: Increase requests for PM’s resignation

Boris Johnson took part in the Downing street party in May 2020. His attendance at this party faced him with lots of criticisms and lost his face between people.

It was a significant scandal in his premiership. Taking part in a party when there was lockdown time, was very unjustifiable for people and the government.

MPs have requested Johnson’s resignation

In fact, only a few members of his cabinet are defending him, but this is not enough.

His position is in danger. However, it is not his first scandal, he has done lots of mistakes that have evoked people’s protest.

The actions that have lost his face. However, his loyal ministers are trying to help and defend him, this action is not useful and doesn’t have any usage in saving him.

These days there are many types of research that deal with the details of Johnson’s attendance at the Downing street party.

In fact, the result of these researches is very minatory for him. Even though, these results may lead to other officials’ resignations.

Conservative MPs may vote against him, or he himself may conclude that he can’t continue on his persistence.

If he can save himself against these accusations, he can be hopeful to continue his premiership.

Nevertheless, he can think about staying in his role for a while, but this time is not clear.

Indeed, this crisis is an opportunity for other conservative MPs to think about their own position after Johnson’s resignation.

Accordingly, he must wait and see the result of the research to make sure about what is happening to him.

Johnson’s scandal has caused conservative party deduction

These days Boris Johnson is spending bad days. Even though his situation is getting worst.

Nevertheless, David Davis, former Brexit minister asked for Boris Johnson’s resignation on the same that Boris Johnson’s scandal was revealed.

In fact, these days’ number of MPs who have requested Boris Johnson’s resignation is getting more and more.

Indeed, after Boris Johnson attended the Downing street party, during lockdown time, the Conservative party’s support was reduced.

Actually, this event has a direct effect on the public election. There is a significant difference between the Conservative and Labor parties.

The deduction of Conservative support is extremely understandable. In 2019 Boris Johnson could achieve prime minister for the sake of Conservative support.

But at this time, this party isn’t supporting him at all.

London, Dec 17(Reuters)- Boris Johnson said on Friday he took personal responsibility for the loss of a conservative stronghold in an election defeat that showed public dismay over a litany of scandals and stepped up pressure on the British prime minister from mutinous lawmakers.

The Conservative party has become disappointed with their election. Although they blame him for this Scandal, they hope this polling against Johnson, just aware of him.

They are somehow hopeful that he can save his position in the parliament.

They think this is polling that can be as a punishment to be aware of his responsibility against people.

“he needs to change now,” a senior lawmaker said on condition of anonymity. “he needs to listen to the views of his party.”

Savanta ComRes polling
London(Reuters)- British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative party’s lead over the opposition Labor Party has narrowed to eight points from 10 with days to go before Britons vote in a Dec. 12 elections, according to a Savanta ComRes poll for the Sunday Telegraph.

The conservatives were on 41%, down one point from a survey published on Wednesday, while Labor was up one point to 33%.

Savanta ComRes surveyed 2,034 British people between December 4th and December 5th.

In fact, according to Savanta polling, there is a difference between conservative and labor parties.

Conservatives are 42%, while the labor party is 36%. In fact, these are the statistics that were gained according to Sunday Telegraph reports.

Moreover, Boris Johnson has confessed that he has ignored lockdown restriction rules, and his action has increased people’s anger.

Even though, there are still some who say they will support him. As a leader of the conservative party, Johnson has hit his fan’s trust.

They are very angry with him. Accordingly, Savanta ComRes, more than two- thirds of voters (66%) believe that he must resign.

Even 42% of voters in the conservative party elected him in 2019. They do now want his resignation.

He ignored Lockdown restrictions in a time when restrictions had become stricter.

These days everyone knows him as a charlatan.

Although, there are some who say they will support him. They have different reasons for their support.

They believe that he saved Britain when it faced a big crisis because of Brexit. Even they believe that he was the best international, indoor nature and weather supporter.

Moreover, they appreciate him because of his gracious actions in fastening vaccinating process during the  Covid-19 increment.

Can Boris Johnson protect his position?

In 2019, conservatives elected him, but these days because of his scandal they have regretted their election.

In fact, the public elections will happen in 2024. So the voters aren’t worried a lot about what they want to do.

But conservative members of Parliament are powerful enough to remove him.

“more and more people are sensing that even if the Boris Johnson bubble has not completely burst, then it does seem to have been punctured by the events of recent weeks,” said Matthew Flinders, a politics professor at Sheffield University in the UK.

Consequently, these days the number of voting in different parties shows Johnson’s actions are significantly blamed.

His credibility is toughly under the question, and he is trying hard to save his position.

The labor party is moving ahead these days. It is now nine percent ahead of the Conservative party. From February 2014 it is the labor party’s biggest achievement.

Nevertheless, Johnson’s rating has dropped to 24 percent approval and 59 percent disapproval. The lowest of his time as prime minister.

According to the predictions, more than 13 percent of people think that Keir Starmer is going to take Boris Johnson’s position.

They do even think that his leadership is going to be better than Boris Johnson.

This is very approvable for conservative party MPs, that Boris Johnson is losing his credibility.

Johnson is trying to prove that he hasn’t ignored any restrictions, but the photos and videos about Downing Street are all against him.

These days’ statistics are showing the most numbers of people in Britain who are affected to Omicron.

The number of death because of Omicron is increasing.

The UK recorded a third straight day of record COVID cases, with 88,376 new infections on Thursday.

Rules are holding again. People must observe wearing masks. Last week, Johnson suffered the worst revolt of his premiership as backbenchers ignored his plea to support the introduction of the COVID passport.

Boris Johnson has to support the labor party to decrease people’s protest against his actions.

He has significantly lost his credibility and power, and he has to give up his post.

After the first vaccination, he achieved noticeable popularity among people. He became successful in this process.

Maybe this action can make a hopeful situation for him to recover his position in the Parliament.

He has promised to start the next vaccination, in order to reduce the number of affecting people to Omicron.

However, tougher measures could put Johnson on a collision course again with his conservative party members.

According to the experts, Johnson’s position is not in danger because of his latest actions.

He has done lots of the other actions that have caused his discernibility in tsociety.

He has caused lots of other problems, such as economic problems for people and the government.

These are the problems that he has caused, and ignoring them is rather impossible.

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