Downing Street story: Johnson has no choice but to resign

Labour leader Keir Starmer has called for the beleaguered PM’s resignation following the revelations of the British government and Boris Johnson. He noted that the British Prime Minister’s actions had undermined public confidence in Downing street Story.

The call for Johnson’s ousting comes as media revelations in recent months show that while the vast majority of Britons were following the government law (regarding quarantine), the government and the Prime Minister himself Downing Street Building 10 hosted a party. Meanwhile  Conservative lawmakers have demanded the resignation of the Prime Minister following the revelation of the Boris Johnson scandal at controversial parties at the Prime Minister’s Office during the implementation of restrictions related to the coronavirus outbreak.

Labour Leader’s Harsh Criticism

 Labour Party leader said in a television interview that the video showed that “they broke the rules, held a party and then laughed at it.” “Unfortunately, we have a prime minister who has distanced himself from the truth,” he said, recalling Johnson’s denial. Starmer has said that what Johnson says in this regard is not valid. “The situation we are in now is that we have a prime minister who has lost the moral authority to lead,” Starmer said. “We have a prime minister who is absent, he is currently in hiding and unable to lead, so I have come to the conclusion that he should leave,” he said. “Of course, his departure will be in his party’s favour, but in fact his departure is in the national interest now, so it is very important that the Conservative party does what is necessary and gets rid of him,” he said.

“When the vast majority of the British people were following the government law (regarding quarantine), the government and the Prime Minister were having a party on Downing Street,” the Labour leader said, referring to a new government scandal known as the Partygate. “This has caused psychological stress to people.” “There is no need to wait until the results of a senior official’s investigation into the scandal are released in connection with Johnson’s resignation,” Starmer said. “The facts speak for themselves.” Our country has made its decision. What happened is astonishingly obvious.

SNP Position

Despite the Labour Party’s strong criticism against Johnson, senior party officials have not called for his resignation. However, Ian Blackford, the leader of the SNP in the House of Commons, also said that violating the anti-Corona rules was a criminal offense and punishable. “It seems. If this is true, the prime minister’s position is indefensible and he should resign immediately,” he said.

Downing Street Stories

The Guardian recently published a photo of Johnson and more than a dozen others in the garden of the Prime Minister’s residence on Downing Street, which, according to the newspaper, was taken during the covid quarantine in May 2020. At the time, the British government had told British citizens that they could only meet one person in a public open space at a distance of two meters. Deputy Health Minister Edward Argar said he would understand why people were outraged. In a media leak, Boris Johnson’s chief secretary, Martin Reynolds, called on more than 100 Boris Johnson’s assistants, assistants and advisers to bring their own drinks to the prime minister’s garden and attend the party.

YouGov survey outcomes show that two-thirds of respondents said the release of the new e-mail was a higher scandal than the news of Christmas celebrations in British government buildings last year. According to the poll, more than three-quarters of respondents, 77 percent, believe that the police should follow up on Christmas celebrations in the prime minister’s office.

Forced Apology

Johnson was forced to apologise as protests against his performance escalated, leading to a decline in Conservative support and popularity. But news of a government party a day before the funeral of Queen Elizabeth’s wife, Philip Duke Edinburgh, has sparked controversy, with some calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Johnson.

In the British Parliament, Johnson denied holding the party, but apologised for the leaked video, saying: “I was also angry to see that clip. I unconditionally apologise for the insult.” Johnson said he had ordered an internal investigation into the incident, but the Labour leader had called for evidence to be presented to police, saying Johnson thought the British people were fool.

Partygate Victims

Critics of the prime minister say the video threatens to undermine public confidence in the government, especially when new restrictions are being imposed to fight against Omicron expansion. In response to a wave of calls to step down following the so-called “Party gate” scandals, Johnson is now trying to maintain his position in any way possible. In this regard, Johnson is apologising and preparing a list of members of the government to offer them resignation. Johnson has dubbed the plan “Operation Rescue Big Dog“, which apparently includes the possible departure of Dan Rosenfield, the prime minister’s chief of staff, and his private secretary, Martin Reynolds, the Independent reported.

Consecutive Scandals and Public Outrage

In recent months, the rise of economic problems, fuel shortages, tensions in Britain’s political relations with Europe, the financing of the planned renovation of the Prime Minister’s Office, and the issue of covid management have led to much criticism of Johnson and the Conservative Party. The latest polls show that more than 66 percent of Conservative and Boris Johnson supporters now support the rival Labor Party. In a YouGov poll in the UK, 66 per cent of Britons say Johnson should resign, with 42 per cent of the Conservative ruling party in 2019 among them. According to the poll, compared to the latest poll on Boris Johnson’s popularity, there are 12 more steps to anger.

A poll by Daily Mail found that 60 per cent of Britons (including Britain, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales) wanted Johnson’s dismissal. Meanwhile, 53 percent of Conservative supporters who voted for Johnson in the 2019 election also called for a new prime minister. If Johnson is ousted, 29 percent of conservatives believe Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak will be a “much better” choice, and 34 percent see him as a “better” choice. Also, 17 percent of Conservative Secretary of State Liz Truss would be a “much better” choice, and 36 percent called her a “better” choice. An Ipsos poll also found that six out of 10 people believe Johnson will not remain in office until the end of next year.

What MPs Believe

At a House of Commons meeting, Labour MP Angela Rayner, who called for immediate answers to questions about Christmas celebrations in government buildings in 2020, criticised Boris Johnson for not attending, saying Boris Johnson could escape but cannot hide. Mrs Rayner also said there was no need to investigate because the simple question was whether Boris Johnson had attended the May 20, 2020 celebrations. The representative of the British government apologised for the accusations and said that investigations are underway in this regard and expressed hope that the final report of the investigations will reveal the facts. He stressed that if a mistake was made, further action would be taken.

Michael Ellis, a junior member of the Conservative government, was in parliament to answer for the government. Six British Conservative lawmakers have demanded the resignation of the Prime Minister following the revelation of the Boris Johnson scandal at controversial parties at the Prime Minister’s Office during the implementation of restrictions related to the coronavirus outbreak. Andrew Bridgen, a Conservative member of the British Parliament, warned Johnson that time was running out and that his allies were running out.


Johnson, who won the 2019 election by a wide margin, is currently facing the biggest crisis of his term as prime minister, with repeated mistakes and scandals. Johnson’s opponents say the mistakes show he is not a good choice for prime minister. Hence, Johnson and the Conservative Party appear to be on a difficult path to maintaining their position and credibility in Britain and in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

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