Energy Crisis: Energy price risk for British social welfare

As economies begin to recover from the fallout of the pandemic, countries across the northern hemisphere, which experienced a long, cold winter in 2020-21 that depleted gas storage levels, have been scrambling to secure supplies and Energy Crisis,

Gas prices in the UK have more than quadrupled over the last year to highs of 180 pence per therm, from around 40p/th this previous time ear. In the last month alone, prices climbed by 70%.

UK Government Plan to Manage the Energy Crisis

To manage energy shortages in the winter, the British government decided to increase gas and electricity prices, which may lead to a 50% spike in Energy prices.

This can also lead to a “national crisis”. This is why the heads of the British government are under immense pressure to stop the policy and protect the consumers.

The Consequences of Energy Price Rises

According to Nigel Pocklington, one of Britain’s original green energy suppliers, “An increase in Energy prices can be led to create a difficult operating environment for every business in the industry”.

The policy has led to car drivers being severely harmed, attacking petrol stations in the UK to show their protest.

The Effective Factors in UK Energy Crisis

Britain’s withdrawal from the EU has worsened labour shortages.

The Road Haulage Association, a trade association of road transport operators, estimates that Britain faces a shortfall of 100,000 drivers, about 20% of which are drivers who left Britain after it voted to leave the European Union. About 200,000 EU citizens left Britain during the pandemic.

The shortage has also caused problems for restaurants, which are struggling to obtain food, and grocery stores have been unable to replenish shelves.

In addition to the pandemic, therefore, another influential factor in the energy crisis in the country is the lack of workforce to deliver fuel to stations following an exodus of migrant workers after Brexit, leading to subsequent protests by drivers.

This condition has also caused many problems for ordinary people who face food shortages or reduced incomes and absolute poverty in the winter.


One of the causes of energy shortages in the UK is labour shortage to deliver fuel to stations. This shortage, in turn, has been caused by Brexit and the UK exit from the EU, following which large numbers of migrant workers and HGV drivers left the country. It may take years for the UK to mitigate the consequences of the implementation of Brexit in this county.

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