Israeli Actions in Gaza: Urgent Calls for UN Intervention to Halt Atrocities

The Israeli Prime Minister has stated that the conflict in Gaza is expected to be long and challenging. It has been more than four weeks since the war between Hamas and Israeli forces began, resulting in a significant number of civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip. A group of respected academics has called upon the United Nations to intervene and halt the atrocities against the Palestinian population.

Israeli actions in Gaza have been marked by war crimes and escalating atrocities, putting human rights in jeopardy. Gaza, which is already besieged and overpopulated, has faced heavy Israeli bombardment while the world watches. International organisations and officials are urged to take prompt action to end this tragedy. Approximately 298 prominent figures worldwide have written a letter to United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, urging him to intervene and stop the conflict.

After 18 days of war, Antonio Guterres has declared that Israel has violated humanitarian laws in Gaza. He called for compliance with the rules of war and emphasised that the terrible attacks do not justify the collective punishment of the Palestinian people. The UN Secretary-General called for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire to provide aid to the Palestinian population. Guterres reacted to the Israeli offensive following reports of over 700 deaths in a single day and stated that Israel had violated international law through collective punishment of the Palestinian people.

In the fourth week of the conflict, Israel continued to bombard Gaza relentlessly. Over 8,000 people have lost their lives, and more than 19,000 individuals have been injured in Israeli attacks on Gaza after four weeks of war. The World Red Cross has warned of unbearable suffering in Gaza, and the UN has predicted thousands more deaths. A group of esteemed academics has urgently requested UN intervention to put an end to the war crimes and atrocities in Gaza and the West Bank.

The densely populated Gaza Strip remains the target of Israel’s military actions. Israel has violated international law by targeting civilian infrastructure in the besieged Gaza, including homes, schools, hospitals, mosques, roads, and humanitarian facilities. Despite a massive bombing campaign in Gaza, Israel is effectively waging a war of starvation and disease by imposing an unlawful blockade on the already besieged region. The humanitarian situation is dire.

Human Rights Watch has reported that Israeli forces have used white phosphorus bombs in besieged Gaza, a substance known for its toxicity and potential harm to civilians. According to UN workers, there is no safe place in the Gaza Strip. The international community and UN officials are urged not to remain silent anymore. The humanitarian situation for civilians is dire, with a complete blockade, electricity and communication disruptions, and relentless raids. Hospitals are overwhelmed and suffer from shortages of equipment and supplies.

International organisations must take timely action to halt Israel’s actions and hold it accountable for these crimes. Israeli forces have been accused of committing crimes against the people of Gaza, and UN officials are urged to take action to restrain Israel. The United Nations was established after World War II to prevent the recurrence of horrors and conflicts. While the UN Secretary-General has called for a ceasefire to allow for the safe delivery of humanitarian aid to besieged Gaza, many believe that more action is needed, with calls for an end to aggression against the Palestinian population.

The United Nations and the international community did not prevent Israeli atrocities, as Israeli forces initiated a ground attack in Gaza. Israel has displaced numerous people from the northern and southern parts of Gaza. While the UN General Assembly has called for a humanitarian truce and adopted a resolution, it has not unequivocally condemned the hostilities in Gaza. Many believe that the UN must take stronger measures to prevent Israel from persistently violating international laws.

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