The decline in Brits’ health and life expectancy in 2023: Focus on Government’s incompetence

The decline of life expectancy in Britain in 2023 is another crisis the Government has created in the UK. Moreover, there is a decline in Brits’ health. The drops show the Government’s incompetence. We will briefly discuss the various factors causing Britain’s decline in life expectancy in 2023. Furthermore, we will elaborate on the Government’s incompetence in handling the life expectancy problem in Britain in 2023. Finally, we will discuss social injustice and geographical differences in Britain’s decline in life expectancy in 2023.

The decline of life expectancy in the UK

As stated earlier, the decline in life expectancy in the UK shows the Government’s incompetence. As pensioner poverty increases, the UK government still needs to provide a good life for older adults. According to the Centre for ageing-better, the data show that the experience of being older in England is getting considerably worse for many. The data demonstrates the vast challenges facing the Government’s levelling-up ambitions to reduce inequalities across England and its stated commitment to increase healthy life expectancy in Britain in 2023.

According to METRO, research shows Brits had one of the longest life expectancies ranks in the world 70 years ago. They ranked seventh behind nations such as Norway, Sweden and Denmark. However, in 2021, the UK ranked 29th. The ranking is according to analysis from the University of Oxford and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. The academics found that, over seven decades, Britain has done worse than all G7 countries except the US. Life expectancy in Britain in 2023 has increased since the start of the study. However, similar countries have seen much more significant increases.

The decline in Brits’ health   

The UK government cannot protect and promote older adults’ rights. This issue reveals the Government’s incompetence. Thus, the Government has yet to be able to make Britain a proper place to grow old in. According to METRO, Dr Lucinda Hiam says the rankings show that the only G7 country which does worse than Britain is the USA.’ ‘However, a relative worsening of population health shows that all is not well. In other words, there is a decline in Brits’ health.

According to the King’s Fund, in England and Wales, healthy life expectancy increased over time in 2020 and 2021. However, the increase was not as much as the life expectancy. Therefore, people spend more years of their life in poor health. Similarly, disability-free life expectancy is about two decades shorter than life expectancy. Thus, there is a decline in Brits’ health as we compare healthy life expectancy with life expectancy.

Factors Causing a Decline in Brits’ Health and life expectancy in the UK 

According to the King’s Fund, many factors affect life expectancy, for example, behavioural risks to health such as a poor diet and smoking; access to and use of health care; broader socio-economic factors such as income, housing, education and employment.

Poverty can be one of the reasons for the decline in life expectancy in the UK. According to the Centre for ageing-better: The latest data also shows a sharp rise in pensioner poverty, Which means that almost 1 in 5 people of pension age live in poverty.

According to METRO, experts say the UK’s decline has been decades. The declines can be attributed to the increase in income inequalities during and after Margaret Thatcher’s Tory Government in the 1980s. Professor Martin McKee said that the rise also showed an increase in the variation in life expectancy among different social groups. ‘One reason the general increase in life expectancy has been so sluggish in Britain is that it has declined for poorer groups in recent years.

The Government’s incompetence and decline in Brits’ health and life expectancy 

The Government is responsible for many factors that have led to the decline of life expectancy in Britain in 2023. The factors include a poor diet, lack of access to health care, low-income level, housing, education and unemployment. The Government’s incompetence in providing proper living conditions has led to a decline in Brits’ health and life expectancy in 2023.

According to the Imperial College London website, senior author Professor Majid Ezzati from the School of Public Health at Imperial College London comments on the role of the Government. He says the decline in life expectancy in the UK signals ongoing policy failures to tackle poverty and provide enough social support and health care.”

According to METRO, on the current cost of living crisis, Dr Hiam adds that in the short term, the Government has a difficult situation to address. ‘It has historically been a sign of severe political and economic problems. ‘This new analysis suggests that the UK’s problems are deep-seated and raises serious questions about the path this country is following’.

Social injustice and geographical differences 

As the Imperial College London website says, a research study also focuses on geographical differences in life expectancy. The researchers note that the regions where life expectancy declines occurred often already had lower life expectancy and high poverty levels, unemployment, and low education. The researchers conclude that urgent action must be taken to stop the deterioration and improve health in disadvantaged communities. They call on the Government to increase investments in public health and healthcare in regions with lower life expectancy and to introduce pro-equity economic and social policies.

According to BMJ, there are greater life expectancy declines in England’s poorest areas than in the richest. We expect men in the poorest regions to live almost ten years less than those in the wealthiest areas. Similarly, we hope women in the poorest regions live eight years less than those in the richest areas.

Therefore, social and economic injustice and the other factors mentioned above have led to another crisis in Britain. The life expectancy crisis depicts the Government’s incompetence. Brits must protest to defend their rights to a healthy life.

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