The ‘Cool’ Prime Minister of NATO-Hopeful Finland Makes the Best of a Leaked Video

As Finland threatened to set visa limitations for Russian tourists, a video of Sanna Marin clubbing went viral. The Finnish prime minister has made news headlines throughout the last week. As the young leader gained global attention and domestic popularity, she discussed more sanctions on Russia.

What is Finland’s position on the Ukraine war?

How has Sanna Marin become globally famous in recent days? 

Who is Finland’s young prime minister? 

Why do Finnish and world media exaggerate a politician’s partying?

Russian Citizens Face Limitations for Finland Visa

Finland has become an important transit country for Russians who want to fly to Europe. After the invasion of Ukraine by Moscow, the EU banned Russian planes from entering the bloc’s airspace. Russians enter Finland on their Schengen visas and use cars to cross Finland’s border with other countries. Sanna Marin, Finland’s Prime Minister, has recently said she would reduce the number of Russian tourist visas on 1 September. A few weeks ago, Sanna Marin said the EU should expand sanctions on Moscow to stop Russian citizens’ entry into Schengen countries. Schengen countries include 26 states, 22 countries of the EU states, and Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, and Lichtenstein. Finland has tightened visa rules for Russian citizens, but the government has said it is not enough to act alone.


Marin’s Club Video Grabbed the World’s Attention

Some weeks after Marin’s words on Russia, she made news headlines worldwide. A video of the Finnish prime minister went viral, showing Sanna Marin clubbing among friends. She was out late at night at a wild party, and she danced intimately with a man in the film. The man has defended her, saying they are just friends and nothing inappropriate happened between them.


Sanna Marin clubbing was on the news and sparked criticisms. After Marin’s undignified behaviour, there were suggestions that she might have been on drugs; she denied the allegation. She took a drug test to clear up suspicions which are reportedly hostile. Many people have expressed concerns about her ability to deal with emergencies during parties after news of Sanna Marin clubbing is out. However, she has said there was no work meeting on the weekend, and she was with friends. 


Concerns Raised Over Finnish Politicians Handling the Country 

Some critics have dubbed Sanna Marin clubbing as irresponsible at a time when tensions with Russia have intensified. She has already asked the EU to slash the number of visas for Russian tourists, and her government has tried to join NATO. The leaked party footage has sparked fierce debate among the people of Finland about the way politicians handle themselves. Although she was cleared of drug usage, Marin was socializing with people who used illegal substances. It seems that she did not use any drugs, but she admitted to the usage of alcohol. The young prime minister has claimed that she could easily make decisions during heightened security. Sanna Marin has faced the wrath of her opponents for such behaviour. Opponents have said the incident raises concerns about the type of friends she chooses and how she exposes herself to criticism. 


Marin Became PM at a Young Age

Sanna Marin, the 36-year-old leader, became prime minister in 2019. She is married to a retired soccer player, and the couple shares a four-year-old daughter. She has been engaged in politics since 2006, while in 2013, she was a member of the Tampere city council. 


In 2014, Marin was a deputy leader of the Social Democratic Party, and in 2015 she became a parliament member. In spring 2019, she served as Minister of Transport and Communications and in December, she was appointed Prime Minister. Sanna Marin clubbing is a controversial issue for the youngest leader in Finland’s history. She has received backlash over the latest leaked video and has received criticisms in the past. In 2019, she was the world’s youngest premier in a women-led coalition. After the former Finland government resigned, the five parties in power made a coalition.


Finland Leader Is Full of Controversies

Sanna Marin clubbing was not the first time she faced a political backlash. During the Covid-19 pandemic, she had to apologize for partying with several people. The prime minister had gone on a night out in Helsinki a few hours after her foreign minister had tested positive. She has usually faced public outrage and criticism from opposition parties for her controversial videos and photos. Back in 2020, an image appeared on the cover of a fashion magazine with a cloth not appropriate. She was wearing a jacket without a blouse or top, so some suggested the prime minister’s outfit eroded her credibility. Despite severe criticisms over her behaviour, Sanna Marin has not faced any political price yet. Moreover, some opposition politicians have criticized the media for talking about Sanna Marin clubbing. They attacked the prime minister for not discussing more critical domestic problems. 


Finnish Young Female Government Lost Popularity

Sanna Marin has already said Finland must apply for NATO membership, which is against the Russian will. Finland adopted neutrality after the defeat against the Soviets in WWII. Now, joining NATO is a historic development for Finland. However, Russia has warned of military and political consequences if Finland joins NATO. Some have argued that NATO membership is inevitable for Finland since Russian aggression is possible. Russian atrocities, NATO membership, and party-gate are sensitive issues that made Marin the centre of attention.


Marin’s government was on the brink of collapse in 2021 until the coalition parties found a compromise. According to a poll, the popularity of Sanna Marin’s government was on the decline. Only 48 percent of responders believed her government did its duties well. Accordingly, her government may have used the prime minister’s love for partying to regain popularity. 


Finland’s current government came to power after the previous one had lost its legitimacy and resigned in 2019. The new government of young women was also on the brink of collapse and lost its popularity to a large extent in 2021. While Europe has been involved in the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Finland has suggested joining NATO. Europe and Russia are experiencing severe sanctions, and both sides suffer the consequences. Sanna Marin, the Finnish Prime Minister, has called on the EU leaders for more sanctions on Russia. At the same time, a new video leakage of Sanna Marin clubbing is everywhere. 


A female politician has fun in a private place, but suddenly she is the centre of international news. Women politicians always get more attention and criticism than men. The video has sparked fierce debate in Finland but made Finland’s politics a subject of discussion worldwide. However, the discussions around the Finnish prime minister’s ‘party-gate’ brought fame to her. Her country and her coalition government are not in safe positions. Finland could at any time face Moscow’s future aggressions, and Marin’s government could fail. She is now like a celebrity who has earned global fame, and her government has established a firm foothold in Finland. 

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