Lord Frost ’s Resignation and Conservatives’ Growing Crisis

Lord Frost, who is leading the negotiations with the European Union, has delivered his farewell letter to Boris Johnson. Brexit Secretary Lord Frost resigned from Johnson administration and wrote a letter to the Prime Minister stating that he had “concerns about the current direction of travel”. Frost’s resignation is the second one of Johnson’s cabinet in less than a month. Frost’s resignation, following a series of scandals and a humiliating election defeat last week that left Johnson’s party losing the majority, is another sign of a deepening rift in the Conservative Party. Senior Conservative MPs believe the rapid rise in prices and taxes in the spring and local elections in May could mark the end of Johnson’s presidency.


Lord Frost, who spoke on Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union and was tasked with handling the final details of future relations, said he had resigned “politically” from the Johnson administration. Frost, a ruthless diplomat who was honored and brought to the Cabinet to take a tough line against the EU over Northern Ireland customs arrangements, did not mention the talks in his shocking resignation letter. Instead, the politician was widely criticised for furthering covid actions, and spoke of his desire for a “low-tax” economy. Lord Frost has recently been embroiled in tense rounds of talks with European Commission Vice President Maros Šefčovič as Britain and the European Union work to bridge the gap in post-Brexit arrangements. His resignation puts even more pressure on the prime minister, who is experiencing his worst political week since becoming prime minister, losing his former safe seat of conservatives and continuing quarantined party charges in White Hall.

Reactions to resignation

DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson believes that Lord Frost’s resignation was a bad sign of Johnson’s commitment to removing the Irish Sea border. Donaldson said “we wish David success. We enjoyed a strong relationship with him and his team, but this raises more serious issues for the Prime Minister and his approach to the NI Protocol”. Some call Lord Frost’s departure a “disaster,” while others say it is an opportunity to “click the reset button.” The Mail on Sunday reported that he is convinced to remain in office until January. The newspaper reported that it was the introduction of the B-plan coronavirus that led to Lord Frost’s decision, including the implementation of Covid passports. He also said he was disappointed with the tax increase and the cost of zero-net policies. His resignation seemed to have stunned members of parliament.

Blaming Johnson on social media

Nikki da Costa, a former Downing City council member, tweeted that Lord Frost “is often a harsh voice advising the prime minister to take a little longer, or emphasising complexity.” But in politics, perception is important. And the loss of a man whose conservative members themselves have begun to question Boris Johnson’s political abilities is also significant. This may be the turbulent beginning of a chaotic winter in which discontent has spread across Downing Street and beyond.

Labour Party Vice President Angela Rayner said the news showed that “the government is in complete chaos just when the country has been uncertain for weeks.” “@BorisJohnson is not ready for this,” she tweeted. “We deserve better than this buffoonery.” “The government is in chaos,” said Baroness Jenny Chapman, who opposed Lord Frost in the Labour Party. The country needs a leader, not a lame prime minister who has lost the faith of his members of parliament and cabinet. Boris Johnson must step in, tell us his plan for the next few weeks, and bring security to the people of Northern Ireland by breaking the protocol deadlock. “This shocking resignation is a sign of chaos and confusion in the heart of this conservative government,” said Layla Moran, the Liberal Democrats’ foreign relations spokeswoman.

Frost’ deep dissatisfaction

The former special adviser was considered a bully in the Brexit negotiations. He was called upon to strengthen the British line with Brussels and put “regaining control” at the center of the negotiations. In the end, this purity of vision for the non-EU country seems to have destroyed Lord Frost. In last month’s speech at Margaret Thatcher’s business conference, there were strong hints of his dissatisfaction. “We have not successfully demarcated the borders of the European Union from Britain, just to introduce this European model after a long time,” the former negotiator said. This wider protest against the government’s orientation and dissatisfaction with higher taxes, the focus on net zero and covid 19 regulations are seen as the main reasons for Lord Frost’s departure.

Rumer or reality?

There have been recent reports suggesting that Britain may be on the verge of changing its position on the European Court of Justice. Although there is no direct claim that this contributed to Frost’s separation, what Boris Johnson is doing afterwards has the potential to add to his multitude of political problems. To some Conservatives, Lord Frost was seen as the guardian of Brexit, someone who could count on him to provide the clean holiday they wanted. If his successor is seen as more willing to obey Brussels’ will, he could provoke anger and gain more support for the prime minister.

PM’s supporters are gradually leaving

The rats are escaping from the sinking ship of Boris Johnson as he moves from one crisis to another. “Even the prime minister’s loyal supporters are leaving now, just as conservative voters are moving to the Liberal Democrats. “Sometimes we need strong leadership to get us through the epidemic. “Instead, we have a weak prime minister who has lost the support of his allies and the confidence of the British people.” And Arlene Foster, the former Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, described Lord Frost’s resignation as “enormous“. Boris Johnson remained at the helm of the election after leaving the chief negotiator in the cabinet with a sneer at covid 19 restrictions and the prime minister’s tax policies.

Future of NIP?

Frost’s departure leaves troubled EU negotiations on the future of customs arrangements in Northern Ireland still unresolved. Northern Ireland First Deputy Prime Minister Michelle O’Neill said anyone who replaces Lord Frost as elected minister “must find solutions” to implement the Northern Ireland Protocol. “This is David Frost who talked about Brexit and has been trying to undermine it every day since,” O’Neill said. David Frost will be replaced by another minister, and whoever they are, they will have to find a solution, work with the EU, implement the protocol, and provide much-needed assurance and stability.

Johnson on the streak of predicament

Lord Frost’s resignation has made it difficult for Boris Johnson to keep his cabinet in the midst of many challenges. According to the Guardian, David Frost is resigning amid frustration with the election talks and widespread concerns about the British government’s covid policies, after the British Conservative Party had previously warned the Prime Minister to take control of the government. Britain’s ruling party has previously warned Johnson that he must take control of the cabinet in order to run in the next election. Frost’s resignation, following a series of scandals and a humiliating election defeat which left Johnson’s party losing the majority, is another sign of a deepening rift in the Conservative Party.

In recent weeks, Lord Frost has spoken out about his concerns about tax increases, the re-imposition of covid restrictions that sparked the biggest Conservative uprising, and against rising national insurance to pay for health and social care. He wrote: “I hope we can return to the main route as soon as possible and not be tempted by such coercive measures as we have seen elsewhere.”

Warning and criticism against Johnson

Boris Johnson was told he would get his government back on track within the next six months. Conservative MPs warn Johnson of the consequences of a historic defeat in the by-elections in Shropshire. According to the Daily Mail, in one of the biggest swings of the midterm elections in British history, the Liberal Democrats defeated the Conservative Party majority in the northern constituency of “Shrophire” and won with 5,925 votes. The decisive result that Helen Morgan won was described by Sir John Curtis, a poll expert, as a “political earthquake” measuring 8.5 out of 10 on the Richter scale. The failure sparked new accusations and questions about the powers of the British Prime Minister, and Conservative MPs called on him to take immediate action. Some Johnson critics even tried to use the result to show that the prime minister was taking his last chances. Several lawmakers have said the prime minister has about six months to return to office before the crucial local elections in May. “Johnson has some time to rebuild, but he has to do it by spring,” said a Conservative MP. “He must not lose the local elections.” Experts say the election results are a wake-up call for Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party.

Final word

Frost’s resignation is the second resignation of Johnson’s cabinet in less than a month. Allegra Stratton, Johnson’s senior adviser, also resigned in tears over the release of a video of Covid restrictions being violated. Stratton resigned after Boris Johnson had earlier apologised for posting a video of his office staff mocking and laughing at a large Christmas quarantine party at the Prime Minister’s Office last year, when gatherings were banned. While Johnson expressed “great regret” over Lord Frost’s resignation, the Labour deputy leader called it a sign of a state in total chaos; at a time when the country is facing a few weeks of ambiguity. Some British officials also believe that the rats are fleeing Boris Johnson’s sinking ship as he lurches from crisis to crisis. Senior Conservative MPs believe the rapid rise in prices and taxes in the spring and local elections in May could mark the end of Johnson’s presidency.

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