UK PM Boris Johnson ‘s Third Wife: Imbalance in Personal Life

Last week, the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson married his fiancée in a secret ceremony. The couple had already announced that they would celebrate their marriage with family and friends in summer 2022. Carrie Symonds, the third wife of Boris Johnson who had been living with him before he entered Downing Street, was accused by some MPs of impacting the government’s decisions.

Johnson Married Third Wife During Tenure as UK PM

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, the current UK prime minister, has always been a person who catches the attention of the media and public for his unconvential actions, odd behaviour, different gaffes and untidy style. Recently, Boris Johnson and his fiancée announced their marriage at Westminster Cathedral; this news caught the media attention, too. He is the first UK prime minister to get married in office in about 200 years. Boris Johnson, 56, was married last week for the third time with the couple tying the knot in a Catholic church. Divorced people are not allowed to be married again in the Catholic Church, so some people question the church’s double standards. It is justified that having been baptised as a child, Boris Johnson has not married in a Catholic church before. Since the previous two marriages were outside the Roman Catholic Church, he was allowed last week to marry his fiancée there.

NY-Born Johnson Started Career as a Journalist in London

Boris Johnson was born in New York City in 1964, US, because his father was studying at Columbia University then. He grew up in England and went to Oxford University in 1983 to study the classics. In 1987, Boris Johnson married his first wife and started a job as a journalist in The Times soon after and then in The Daily Telegraph. He divorced his first wife in 1993 and immediately married Marina Wheeler who became the mother of four of his children. Boris Johnson was the editor of Spectator in 1994, and within two years he became an MP for the plum Tory seat of Henley. During his marriage to Marina, Boris Johnson had affairs with several women. When one of the affairs became public, he lied about it to the Conservative Party leader, so he was forced to quit as shadow art minister and Tory vice-chair, and the Tory leader sacked Johnson for dishonesty.

Mayor Johnson Returned to the Commons  

During David Cameron’s tenure as the UK prime minister, Conservative Party supporter, Johnson, became mayor of London in 2008 and this improved his position for the party’s future leadership. In 2012, at the London Olympics and in front of world cameras, the London mayor caught the media’s attention by getting stuck on a zip wire; during the 10-minute-ride, he held and waved two Union Jacks while wearing a suit and a helmet. This image could ruin anyone’s political life, but it did not do so for Boris Johnson and he returned to Parliament in 2015. While he was mayor of London, once again he behaved oddly, this time in Tokyo. Boris Johnson knocked over a child during a game of street rugby in Japan. He took out a 10-year-old boy and the child hit the ground.

Married Johnson Had a Child from an Affair

Meanwhile, his affairs with women continued and, in 2013 after a court battle, it was revealed that Boris had had a child with art consultant Helen Macintyre. Some years earlier, his other mistress Petronella Wyatt said she had to have an abortion when she got pregnant by him; but Johnson, already a father of four, dismissed the allegation. Later in 2017, he was chosen as the UK foreign secretary by Theresa May, yet his bizarre photos with untidy hair and strange outfits were still being published in different media. At one point, Johnson, a Brexiteer, was seen jogging early in the morning with a messy appearance and the photo went viral. Another photoshoot went viral while the Australian Foreign Minister Jolie Bishop was trying to fix her UK counterpart Boris Johnson’s tie at a meeting in London.

Foreign Secretary Johnson Called Muslim Women Letterboxes

His oddness is not limited to his love affairs or strange outfits, but also his odd remarks. In 2018, while in the post of foreign secretary, Boris Johnson made offensive comments about Muslims and called Muslim women with face covers letterboxes moving around. He first refused to apologise, but Prime Minister Theresa May asked him to make the apology. This remark has led to increased hate crimes against Muslims in the UK, and Johnson was called racist by some MPs. His controversial remarks continued, but did not affect his political career. Once he called Barack Obama, former US president, part-Kenyan with an ancestral dislike of Britain. Another time as foreign secretary, Boris Johnson talked about whisky tariffs between the UK and India while he was inside a Sikh temple; this comment was also condemned by the Indians.

Johnson Is First UK PM Who Moved to No 10 with Girlfriend

Boris Johnson, who was a hard Brexiteer during the 2016 EU referendum campaign, compared the EU to Adolf Hitler. Johnson said both Hitler and the EU wanted a united Europe but it ended tragically. While busy with politics, he betrayed his second wife and their marriage was ruined after more than two decades because of his love affair with Conservative Public Relations guru Carrie Symonds. In 2019, when Boris Johnson became prime minister, he moved to Downing Street with partner Carrie Symonds and was the first UK prime minister who moved with an unmarried partner into Downing Street. One year later in 2020, they announced they were expecting their baby and became engaged. They had already announced they would marry in July 2022, but they were married last week at a secret ceremony.

Symonds Campaigned for Johnson in 2019

His new wife, 33, was born in London and is the child of an affair. Her father was an independent journalist and co-founder of the Independent, her mother was the Independent newspaper lawyer. Both her parents were married to other people at the time. Carrie Symonds was raised by her mother and studied theatre and history of art. She helped improve Boris Johnson’s image during the 2019 election campaign. She had already been the youngest-ever person to be the Conservative Party’s director of communications at the age of 29. Things have not always been romantic between them and in 2019, before Boris Johnson became PM, Johnson and Symonds’ neighbours told the Guardian that they heard her screaming followed slamming and banging sounds. Neighbours recorded their voices with her telling Boris Johnson to get out of her flat. Police were called to the home, but later they both refused to comment on the incident and published a romantic photo of themselves.

Does Symonds Influence the Prime Minister’s Decisions?

Carrie Symonds’ influence has been under scrutiny ever since she took up residence in Downing Street. The think tank, Bow Group, called for an independent inquiry into her position and authority at Downing Street. The Bow Group said that the Johnson government should soon clarify her position after reports that Symonds was taking a central role in running the country, which was later denied by Downing Street. She has already had issues with the prime minister’s former top adviser, Dominic Cummings, who accused her of trying to change appointments and get her friends jobs. Cummings also alleged that Symonds had distracted Johnson from the pandemic. Boris Johnson faces criticism over his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic has caused thousands of unnecessary deaths. The think tank asked for an inquiry into her role at No 10, details of official meetings she attends and orders given by her.

Boris Johnson, Britain’s seventy-seventh prime minister, former journalist, former editor, Conservative MP, and betrayer of wives, has spent decades behaving oddly, and in some cases attracting media attention, but his unusual appearance and strange acts have not necessarily harmed his career. There were other times when his behaviour cast doubts on his honesty, but he made it through and advanced to become the leader of the Conservative Party and the UK Prime Minister in 2019. When he took office, Johnson was the first UK prime minister who took an unmarried partner to Downing Street. The couple had a baby one year later and was married last week, even though they had already announced that they had sent out Save the Date cards for 30 July 2022, to celebrate their wedding. Newly married Mrs Carrie Johnson is under scrutiny because of her influence in Downing Street, and there is a demand for the Conservative Party to make it clear what impact she has on the prime minister.

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