A Met Police officer is being investigated after yelling ‘Free Palestine’ at a rally.

A Met Police officer who was filmed hugging a protester while chanting “Free Palestine” at a march is being investigated. On Saturday, thousands of people marched across central London.

A female Metropolitan Police officer is being questioned after she was caught on camera shouting “Free Palestine” at a protest.

Footage of the officer was shared on social media, prompting some people to ask whether she might have been sharing political opinions whilst on duty.

The police force’s own Directorate of Professional Standards is looking into the incident.

The video also shows the unidentified officer holding a white rose and lifting her arm in obvious favour of those assembled.

The Directorate of Professional Standards has been notified, according to the Met Police.

A Met spokesperson said in a statement, “While we want officers to participate, they must remain neutral.”

“Officers are aware that they are cannot personally engage in or assume political positions, as stated in their preparation and in the oath that all police officers take.” This is critical to maintaining the public’s confidence in our police.”

The Met stated that the full circumstances of what occurred would be reviewed in order to decide what further intervention was necessary.

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