Wales is a region in the UK. The UK-run country is located west of the River Severn with Cardiff as its capital. The Welsh population of three million speaks both English and Welsh. Wales was completely under UK rule in 1282; it became the Principality of North Wales in 1284. In 1485, Henry VII became the first Welsh King of England, followed by Henry VIII who enacted the Law of Unity of England and Wales in 1536.

Geographical Location

Wales is a European country centered in Cardiff and part of Great Britain. It is located in South-West UK and shares borders with England to the east. The country is home to more than three million people and its motto is “Wales Forever”. Apart from Cardiff, other important cities in Wales include Swansea, Newport and Pembroke. Wales has a surface area of 21,000 square kilometres and is surrounded by more water than land.

Political Situation

Although Wales is an autonomous country with its own flag and independent organisation, its foreign affairs are run by the UK Government. In 1997, during a referendum, the National Assembly of Wales was formed as the first autonomous government in 600 years, and in 2000, Rhodri Morgan was elected President of the Welsh Parliament.

The government of Wales, like England, is a monarchy. After the Welsh Parliament was established, some powers were gradually transferred from the London Parliament to the Cardiff Parliament. Of course, the Welsh Parliament does not have the power to pass legislation, and legislation is still in the hands of the House of Commons. The country’s currency is the pound.

Since 1999, when the Welsh Parliament took office with the approval of the UK House of Commons, the process of handing over power from Parliament in London to Parliament in Cardiff has gradually begun.

In addition to setting Wales’ annual budget, London is also responsible for deciding on national issues such as foreign policy, security and defence. The Cardiff Parliament has been given the power to decide on matters such as education, health, and social services, although Cardiff still has no legislative power. Legal provisions are submitted to the House of Commons for approval in the form of proposals.

One of the actions of the Welsh Parliament is a unique Wales project, called React, which allocates funds to employers looking to hire new employees through which they train and recruit unemployed people.


Six percent of the Welsh population is employed in the tourism and related industries. For years, the government has been developing 50 golf courses, inviting international golfers and holding international tournaments to develop golf tourism and attract wealthy golf tourists. The Welsh government intends to make the country a religious tourist destination, attracting tourists to the famous St Winifred’s Church. The church, which is about 600 years old, has 30,000 to 70,000 visitors each year.


Welsh football has never been around the world. Not only does it not have a significant title, but it has never been able to compete in major competitions and has never been one of Europe’s top teams. Wales has played once only in the 1958 World Cup to advance to the quarter-finals. Euro 2016 was the country’s first appearance in the European Cup. Wales formally lined up against Scotland for the first time in 1876, joined FIFA in 1910 and UEFA in 1954. Ian Rush, Ryan Giggs and Gareth Bale are the most famous dragons. Wales’s best ranking in the FIFA rankings was 17th, awarded to them in December 2015.

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