School reopening: Catastrophe will occur in the UK

Coinciding with the rise in the number of deaths from the Coronavirus in the UK, the government has decided to reopen schools in any way possible after the Christmas holidays in 2021, and students must attend classes.

A new type of coronavirus has been identified in the UK in recent weeks. The new type of Coronavirus is 70% more contagious than its predecessor. The virus has led to a resumption of research into the effectiveness of vaccines that have been developed to fight the coronavirus. Meanwhile, Cabinet Office minister and Brexiteer Michael Gau has announced that schools will reopen after the Christmas holidays. He said the current plan is for some students to return to school this year and some to be in high school next week, although that decision may change. He also said that we will review everything, we will talk to the teachers to make sure that our plans in this regard are strong and calculated. He said that prioritising children’s attendance in school was “the right thing to do” but he acknowledged concerns about the new variant, which scientists believe may be more transmissible.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that in some parts of the country, primary schools will reopen as planned, but in areas where the virus is more widespread, reopening will be delayed until January 18. The British Prime Minister also said that in order to reduce the disruption of the school process, the government is expanding the Coronavirus testing program, and every student will be tested regularly during and after the reopening of schools. ‘We are still in the tunnel of this pandemic, the light however is not merely visible… the tunnel has been shortened, we’re moving faster through it and that gives me great confidence about the future in the Spring,’ he said. The British Prime Minister also announced that the government has allocated 78 million pounds for the distribution of corona test kits in the coming days among schools. In this way, students take the corona test under the supervision of school officials or trained people, and teachers are not expected to be involved in the testing process.

1,500 UK Armed Forces personnel are available to support the Department of Education and the Department of Health and Welfare to ensure that students and staff can return safely to high schools and colleges across the UK. Most staff form local response teams by providing support and telephone advice to institutions that need guidance on testing and setting up testing facilities. These forces have started preparations for the implementation and support of this plan for the past few days. According to what has been announced so far, this support is mainly done through webinars and individual meetings, but the teams are also ready to provide face-to-face support in a short time.

Since November 2020, the British government has announced that the incidence of coronavirus in London and the south-east of the UK is increasing. Then on November 20, the British government announced that a new type of coronavirus that had spread in the country was out of control and the government was unable to control and manage it.

Schools are reopening in the UK at a time when many scientists and experts believe that schools should be closed to prevent the rapid spread of the new type of coronavirus. The educational unions have stated their opposition to the reopening of schools, saying that reopening schools in the current situation, when the corona death toll has reached its peak, is a wrong move and exposes the country to a catastrophe. Therefore, they request that the reopening of schools be postponed for at least two weeks. They also believe that in the current situation where a new type of coronavirus has been identified in areas of the UK that are far more transmissible than the previous type, the reopening of schools could speed up the transmission of the virus to most people in the community.

The UK’s largest has said the reopening of schools in England should be delayed for at least two weeks amid mounting concern about the new strain of Covid-19 spreading from London and the south-east.

The pressure grew as NHS England said it had a record 20,426 people in hospital being treated for Covid-19 as of 8am on Monday, surpassing April’s peak of 18,946. Health officials in Wales and Scotland have also said they fear becoming overwhelmed.

According to scientists, people under the age of 15 are more likely to be infected than the old Corona virus. According to them, this behavior of the corona virus, which infected children less, was an exceptional behavior, because viral respiratory diseases usually affect children more. But now the new virus appears to affect children and adults alike.

The latest figures show that the number of hospitalizations in the UK is growing rapidly and the situation is expected to worsen in the coming weeks. The number of people infected with the corona virus has exceeded 50,000 in recent days, and the death toll has risen to nearly 1,000 a day. Experts and health officials have warned that if the shutdowns and strict regulations are not passed and enforced, the number could rise to a point where it can no longer be controlled, given the spread of a new type of coronavirus detected in the UK.

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