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Ukraine war

The Impact of Ukraine war on China’s Trade

The Ukraine war brings to a standstill China's trade development policies in Eurasia and the dream of China's belt and road initiative. The tense...
Global Britain

Everything About Commitment to Global Britain

In February 2020, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, described the government’s vision of a “Truly Global Britain” as having three pillars: The first pillar of...
China's Hypersonic Missile Test

China’s Hypersonic Missile Test: A Threat to UK Interests

What is the purpose of China's hypersonic missile test? What is the reason for the rising tensions between UK and China in recent months? What effect...

The European economy is affected by the Ukraine-Russia war

The Ukraine-Russia war has caused problems for European countries. They are afraid that the effects of this war will affect their economy. Over the...
Scotland’s Route to EU Membership Could Be Challenging after Supreme Court Judgment on Scottish Independence Referendum

Scotland’s Route to EU Membership Could Be Challenging after Supreme Court Judgment on Scottish...

Does Westminster give the Scottish government the mandate to hold an independence referendum? What is the perspective of the Scottish economy inside the UK? Could Scotland...
Northern Ireland Independence

Independence Wanted by the Irish in the Northern Ireland Independence Poll

What do the results of the Northern Ireland independence poll show? What are the reasons for independence supporters in Northern Ireland to hold a referendum...
Nusrat Ghani

Nusrat Ghani Case: Racism Within Conservative Party

Troubles have surrounded the UK government in recent weeks. The Conservative party is under the pressure of lockdown gatherings allegations and racist treatment of...
UK-China Relations

UK-China Relations: The Ice Age Begins

China and Britain benefit from bilateral trade and investment. However, China is also the biggest threat to Britain's economic security. Britain seems to want...
British Prime Minister

British Prime Minister Critisised for Comparing the War in Ukraine with Brexit

In a provocative move, the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, compared the Ukrainian struggle with Russia to the action of British people who voted...
Europe's energy crisis

Europe’s energy crisis: The EU Emergency plan

 What factors have caused the energy crisis in Europe? What measures have EU members taken to deal with Europe's energy crisis? What was the European Commission's...

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