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Covid is dead! UK Drops Restrictions

The UK Eases Covid Restrictions The Department of Health and Social Care has announced that the number of people infected with the coronavirus in the country,...
Aging Population

Refurbishing the NHS: UK Faces Challenges of an Aging Population

An aging population is an issue the world has to deal with in the near future. An increasing number of countries will be  This...

The Pandemic: UK Healthcare Workers Hurt by Government Mismanagement

The coronavirus was detected in the United Kingdom in late January 2020 and the country is currently one of the worst-hit in the world....
AstraZeneca COVID vaccine

AstraZeneca vaccine: EU dispute with the UK has reached its peak

With the UK leaving the EU after 47 years in the union, the country has been embroiled in tensions with EU members over many...
Covid Mutant Virus Out of Control in Britain

The new COVID-19 strain in post-Brexit Britain isolates it further from the EU

Introduction Although the European Union (EU) has decided to start vaccination in its member countries, Britain is witnessing the emergence of a new coronavirus variant...

New variant of Covid-19: The UK government is on the verge of economic crisis

In November 2020, the UK government announced that the incidence of coronavirus cases in London and South East England has been on the increase....
U.K. faces mass unemployment as COVID-19

Covid-19: The Social and Financial Impact of the Pandemic

It has been nearly one year since Covid-19 dramatically hit people and their daily lives across the globe. The virus which first emerged in...

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