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The Physiological Impact of Covid-19

The Physiological Impact of Covid-19

Indeed, Covid-19 had lots of unpredictable effects on people’s life. During the time that Covid-19 started, people were suffering from different problems. The Physiological Impact...
Crisis in the UK NHS

Crisis in the UK NHS: The deplorable situation – 2022

What is the main reason for the crisis in the UK NHS? What solutions have British politicians considered regarding the UK NHS crisis? ...

Are the UK COVID restrictions tightening?

Double-Mutant and Triple-Mutant Indian Covid Variants Two mutated variants of Covid have been detected in India. The first mutated type of coronavirus found in...

Covid: Removing Restrictions, Risky Game by Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson's Decision to End Restrictions A few days ago, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson praised the government's achievements in reducing the number of Covid...
British medical staff

When Will the Tube Strike Take Place in 2023 Amidst the Spread of British...

In the UK, many employees, including British medical staff, teachers, doctors, lecturers, civil servants, and railway workers, embarked on a strike due to disagreements...

The Omicron variation may significantly increase the risk of infection at Christmas parties

On Friday, December 3, 2021, Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, prepares to greet Hassanal Bolkiah, Sultan of Brunei, at 10...
NHS nurses planned a bank holiday strike

The Latest NHS England Bank Holiday Strike: A Manifestation of the Government’s Incompetence

The NHS' financial crisis has resulted in ongoing industrial action with demands for pay increases. NHS nurses are experiencing the worst living costs pressure....
UK health system

UK Medical Staff Strike Delays Patients’ Receiving On-time Medical Care

Following the British people's protests against growing inflation and the substantial increase in the cost of living, the junior doctors have gone on a...

Covid-19: The NHS Faces Unrelenting Pressure

The tedious, prolonged pandemic has put the NHS under unrelenting pressure. The large number of patients and financial constraints has severely affected NHS staff...
Economic challenges

Navigating Economic Challenges: Unraveling the UK’s Cost of Living Crisis and its Impact on...

New research indicates that in the United Kingdom, the cost of living crisis significantly exacerbates the socioeconomic disparity between the wealthiest and the most...

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