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The Cost of living crisis

Energy Bills: The Cost-of-living crisis

Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak asked Britain's independent budget office to produce new forecasts for March 23. He is likely to deliver his mid-year Spring...
post-Brexit freeports

Post-Brexit Freeports Boost Crimes and Corruption in Britain

Why does the UK government want more freeports across the country? What are some of the pros and cons of post-Brexit freeports in...

Strikes Stifle UK Economic Growth

The latest GDP data show that public service and teacher strikes hampered service sector development in February, resulting in negative growth. February's UK economic...
unemployed Muslim women

The UK Muslims’ Employment in Appalling Conditions

British Muslims are more likely to live in areas with social problems needing more attention. Muslims experience more job discrimination and reside in areas...
Successive bankruptcies of British companies

Recession : Successive bankruptcies of British companies

What is the reason for the successive bankruptcies of British companies in recent months? What damage has the Covid-19 epidemic done to British businesses and...
IMF UK economic forecast

Economic Crisis: IMF Negative Forecast for the UK Economy

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has predicted in its latest report that the UK economy will shrink this year and record the worst performance compared to...
Inflation rate in Germany

Inflation rate in Germany: The Ukraine war and economy

The goods’ prices have faced 5.5% inflation during the past decades, and this rate of inflation was unprecedented over the past decades. even after the Omicron...
rising house prices in the UK

rising house prices in the UK Compared to Last Year

Housing prices have been on the rise in the UK in recent months, making it difficult to provide housing, especially for first-time buyers. Housing...
Scotland economy

Can Scotland economy afford to be alone?

What is the GDP of Scotland? GDP of Scotland is Gross Domestic Product. It is the most common criterion to measure an economy. GDP can compile...
Natural Gas

Energy Shortages: Natural Gas Price Fluctuations

The UK energy market is in crisis mode - here’s why prices are rising. Wholesale gas prices have gone up a staggering 250% since the...

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