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The latest and most accurate analysis and content related to Brexit in the UK (England – Scotland – wales – Northern Ireland)

English Channel

UK Policy on Repelling English Channel Migrants: Will It Be Feasible?

British officials have said that the military will take over the protection of the sea by the end of the month, but in the...
the UK National Security

Post-Brexit and the Need to Change British National Security Priorities

Brexit and the pandemic have doubled uncertainties in the UK. The priorities of the National Security Strategy of the United Kingdom are no longer valid. The...
UK GDP Breakdown

The UK GDP Breakdown; Uncertain Future of Britain’s Economy

The UK economy has suffered a significant slump in the first quarter of 2022. Decreased production and low investment have resulted in the UK...

Post-Brexit Economic Costs for the UK

Brexit is incurring the biggest costs on British businesses, because it affects the business model. Capital flows, including direct investment in the UK, will...

Post-Brexit: Convergence or divergence in domestic politics?

The Labour Party was the biggest loser of the British politics in the last general election after it sustained its worst electoral defeat since...

The Beginning of Profound Changes in Northern Ireland Post-Brexit

Brexit Takes Place Against the Will of People in Northern Ireland The pattern of voting revealed stark differences between regions, countries and generations in...
Boris Johnson's immigration Plan

Boris Johnson’s immigration Plan: Brexit Dilemma Forms the Strategy

A diplomatic row erupted between Britain and France after a group of migrants died in the English Channel. After Brexit, arrangements for tackling the...

British fishermen: dissatisfied with UK-EU trade deal

UK finally ended its membership in the EU after 48 years and left the EU, the Customs Union and the EU market. One of...
The Costs of Leaving the EU on UK financial sector

Impact of Brexit on Borders and the Financial Services Sector

The trade deal between the European Union and the United Kingdom is proven to have increased barriers and impacted UK financial services not long...
Joe Biden

Will Joe Biden Boost Low Level US-Russia Relations?

Joe Biden Is Seeking Rational Relations with Russia Joe Biden, president of the United States, travelled to the United Kingdom last week and met with...

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