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The latest and most accurate analysis and content related to Brexit in the UK (England – Scotland – wales – Northern Ireland)


The Post-Brexit UK-EU Race has Begun

EU-UK Rivalry Escalated After Brexit Boris Johnson sought to put an end to the Brexit issue once and for all after his country left the...

The UK Seeks New Allies after Brexit

Brexit was an opportunity for the UK not to spend more money on European countries with many financial problems, including Greece, Portugal, Italy and...

Post-Brexit Economic Costs for the UK

Brexit is incurring the biggest costs on British businesses, because it affects the business model. Capital flows, including direct investment in the UK, will...
Boris Johnson's immigration Plan

Boris Johnson’s immigration Plan: Brexit Dilemma Forms the Strategy

A diplomatic row erupted between Britain and France after a group of migrants died in the English Channel. After Brexit, arrangements for tackling the...
British Prime Minister

British Prime Minister Critisised for Comparing the War in Ukraine with Brexit

In a provocative move, the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, compared the Ukrainian struggle with Russia to the action of British people who voted...
Northern Ireland Independence

Independence Wanted by the Irish in the Northern Ireland Independence Poll

What do the results of the Northern Ireland independence poll show? What are the reasons for independence supporters in Northern Ireland to hold a referendum...

Post-Brexit Border Disputes Due to Changes in UK and European Border and Customs Laws

Since Brexit, the UK and the EU have not yet defined the framework of border disputes in detail. Uncertainty has increased the costs for...

Brexit : Northern Ireland , Alliance or Separation?

1. The Good Friday Agreement After Brexit Bristol is the sixth largest city in South-West England and one of its eight ‘core’ cities. Bristol provides...
Lord Frost

Lord Frost ’s Resignation and Conservatives’ Growing Crisis

Lord Frost, who is leading the negotiations with the European Union, has delivered his farewell letter to Boris Johnson. Brexit Secretary Lord Frost resigned...

Post-Brexit: Convergence or divergence in domestic politics?

The Labour Party was the biggest loser of the British politics in the last general election after it sustained its worst electoral defeat since...

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