The Popular President Is Gone: Iran Mourns the Loss of Beloved President Ebrahim Raisi

Ebrahim Raisi died in an accident while serving and opening a dam in East Azerbaijan province. He was a beloved and popular president in Iran, and with his death, Iranians have lost a widely admired leader.

Raisi was cherished by Iranians for his many positive actions. We can say a popular President is gone This article explores the reasons behind Raisi’s popularity among Iranians.

Iran’s popular President is gone after the Helicopter crash

Ebrahim Raisi, the late President of Iran, had traveled to East Azerbaijan to inaugurate the Qiz Qalasi Dam. He died in a helicopter accident along with his companions. The popular President did not make it to the project’s opening in Tabriz. Among the helicopter passengers were Ayatollah Al Hashem, Imam of Tabriz, Malik Rahmati, Governor of East Azerbaijan, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and some others. In the history of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei was elected as the new President after Mohammad-Ali Rajai’s assassination in 1981.

How to determine the successor of the President

Even though the popular President is gone, the legal procedure for appointing a successor is foreseen in the Iranian Constitution. According to Article 131 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in the event of the death, dismissal, resignation, absence, or illness of the President for more than two months, or in the case where the presidential term has ended and the new President, due to obstacles that have not been elected yet or other such matters, the first vice president, with the approval of the leadership, will take over his powers and responsibilities.

Also, a council consisting of the parliament speaker, the head of the judiciary, and the first vice president is obliged to arrange for a new president to be elected within a maximum of fifty days.

Confirming Raisi’s high popularity in polls

Although the popular President is gone, his popularity among Iranians is exemplary. Ebrahim Raisi was a popular president. Polls from reputable institutions such as Gallup and Maryland confirmed the increase in his popularity. On the one hand, his efforts to reduce people’s problems are rooted in his popularity.

Also, it is a story of the return of hope to Iranian society, albeit a little. The results of the Iranian survey are surprising. According to this survey, 72% of Iranian people are satisfied with the performance of Ebrahim Raisi’s government and approve it.

The reasons why Iranians are satisfied with Raisi

People can give various reasons for Raisi’s popularity among Iranians. Gallup has analyzed the reason for the people’s satisfaction and the increase in the President’s popularity due to the government’s successful performance in vaccination.

But besides this crucial issue, other factors, such as the government’s round-the-clock efforts to improve the conditions, honesty, and direct and direct familiarity with people’s problems, can be mentioned. Historical experience has shown that close communication with people increases the popularity of political figures.

Covid-19 was a big challenge for Iranians even before Raisi’s presidency.

With the arrival of Covid-19 in Iran, the number of deaths increased at once. Covid-19 was one of the most significant issues and challenges affecting Iranian society for nearly two years. With the discovery of the coronavirus vaccine, different countries tried to speed up the vaccination process to return their conditions to normal.

The Iranian government also put extensive efforts for vaccination on the agenda. The Gallup Institute has considered this action to be one of the reasons for the increase in the popularity of the President.

Raisi’s success in advancing the vaccination of Iranians

In his first televised interview, he stated that domestic production is not the answer to this public vaccination and importation of vaccines should be prioritized. During the early weeks of the President’s government, many vaccines entered the country. After that, the vaccination of Iranians increased significantly. In various speeches after winning the elections, the President announced public vaccination as the immediate program of his government. The President’s promise in the middle of the presidential election was for the people to get general vaccinations as soon as possible.

Provincial trips and direct meetings with people

Face-to-face meetings with the people were another positive feature of the Iranian President. During the past three years since the beginning of its activity, the President’s government has taken many measures to improve the living conditions of the people. In this context, travelling to deprived provinces and meeting people face-to-face can be one of the most important things. The critical result of these trips is the hope and trust people get in direct meetings with their President. Both from the psychological and sociological point of view, the level of people’s confidence in the official or officials who are directly and closely aware of their problems is higher.

Creating a sense of hope and trust in people

The people in the border areas were pleased to see the President. Many, especially those living far from the center, often feel neglected or forgotten by the authorities. This sense of neglect can erode people’s trust and hope over time. Provincial trips by the President helped restore a sense of hope among the residents of these deprived areas. With his passing, a popular and trusted leader is now gone.

The fight against financial corruption is at the top of the presidential programs.

The name of Raisi in the field of Iranian politics is more important than any other concept linked to the issue of fighting corruption. This issue is one of the most important reasons for increasing his popularity. Raisi announced this statement during the election campaign. It was found that one of his most important motivations for participating in the elections was the eradication of corruption. Before the official start of the government, he offered his previous experience in fighting corruption. The increase in the President’s popularity is due to his fight against corruption and his successful track record in this field.

Raisi’s success in various governance dimensions is the reason for his popularity.

Raisi achieved many successes during his three years as President. He succeeded in general vaccination. Raisi was victorious in the fight against corruption. He was also present among the people and dealt closely with their problems. In the economic field, Iran’s economy progressed during the presidency. All these factors were the high popularity of Raisi. Now, the popular President is gone, and Iranians are mourning the loss of their beloved President.

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