Ukraine-Russia war: How a British Defense Giant is Causing Chaos

The British defence company operating in Ukraine received a cautionary message from the Kremlin regarding its activities related to weapon production against Russia. The Kremlin expressed its disapproval of BAE Systems establishing a presence in Ukraine, considering it an unfortunate development. Additionally, Moscow warned that any weapon production facilities with intentions against Russia would be seen as potential military targets by Russian authorities. This article examines Russia’s response to British military support for Ukraine and the discussions between the UK and Ukraine on establishing a weapon manufacturing facility in Kyiv.

Russia’s reaction to British military support for Ukraine

Russia issued a warning regarding the British defence company’s actions, suggesting that they could potentially escalate tensions. Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin’s spokesperson, conveyed his concerns during a telephone conversation with reporters in response to the company’s recent decision. He stated, “Naturally, any facilities engaged in weapon production, particularly if these weapons are aimed at us, will attract significant scrutiny from our military.” Peskov underscored that this decision does not impact the ongoing conflict in Ukraine nor contribute to conflict reduction.


The presence of the British military company in Ukraine

Russia tolerates the British defence company sternly, emphasizing the potential dangers involved. BAE Systems, the United Kingdom’s most prominent defence industry firm, had recently disclosed its presence in Ukraine and signed agreements with the Ukrainian government to expand the provision of weaponry and equipment. Additionally, the British company had stated that this step would facilitate direct collaboration with Kyiv, identifying potential partners for producing 105 mm light guns in Ukraine and gaining deeper insights into the country’s defence needs. The Kremlin has expressed substantial criticism of BAE Systems’ actions.


A discussion about setting up a weapons factory

Simultaneously, as tensions between Russia and Ukraine heightened, a British publication reported on discussions between the President of Ukraine and executives from the UK’s defence industry giant, BME Systems, regarding establishing a weapons manufacturing facility within Ukraine. The Evening Standard disclosed that Volodymyr Zelenskyy is actively pursuing the creation of an arsenal of weaponry to support the defence of the Kyiv region. In a public address, he remarked, “I have engaged in discussions with representatives from the formidable British defence company BAE Systems. They are a genuinely expansive weaponry manufacturer – precisely the kind of armaments we require both presently and in the future to ensure the security of our nation and the broader region. Meanwhile, the Kremlin has criticized BAE Systems, viewing its involvement as a significant escalation in the ongoing conflict and a perceived threat to the United Kingdom.


Zelenskyy’s attempt to localize weapons in Ukraine

Russia warns British defence company can lead to more complicated Ukraine-Russia war. The president of Ukraine added: “We are working to create an appropriate base for production and repair in Ukraine. We are talking about various weapons, from tanks to artillery.” “We will provide Ukraine, and thus the whole of Europe, with this new foundation of strength”, Zelenskyy added: “We discussed the steps that bring the creation of a new aviation coalition closer. We are steadily moving closer to this result – to providing our warriors with modern fighter jets.”


Intensification of Ukrainian drone attacks against Russia

According to the report of the Standard publication, the CEO of BME Systems also announced the company’s readiness to open a new representative office in Ukraine. These developments occur while Ukraine’s drone attacks against Russia have recently intensified. Attacks on civilian centres in Russia have received global attention and have brought reactions. The chief spokesperson of the EU asked the Kremlin to refrain from retaliatory action.


The Russian ambassador to the UK warned about the escalation of the war.

Russia’s ambassador to the UK has warned of an escalation of the war in Ukraine, even as the UK and its other Western allies pledge to send more weapons to help Ukraine’s president. Andrei Kelin, Moscow’s ambassador to the UK, said in an interview with Laura Kuenssberg, a reporter for the BBC news network, that the actions of NATO countries, especially the UK, risk prolonging and creating a new dimension in the war.


Accused of war crimes by Ukraine

Kelin said Russia has many resources, and even though the Ukraine-Russia war has been going on for more than a year now, he claimed his country has yet to take severe action. The Russian ambassador said: “Russia is 16 times bigger than Ukraine. We have enormous resources. We haven’t started yet to act very seriously.” When asked about the growing evidence of Russian war crimes, the Russian ambassador said Ukraine was the party committing war crimes. He then said that the UN does not have the power to investigate war crimes.


UK-Ukraine agreement to strengthen the defence power of Kiev

Russia warns the British defence company that it takes place where the UK fully supports Ukraine. Ukraine’s defence minister said he had talked with his British counterpart about strengthening Kyiv’s defence capabilities to defeat Russia. In a joint press conference with his British counterpart in Kyiv, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said: “We managed to unite the world in support of Ukraine. Cooperation between the United Kingdom and Ukraine will be as effective as possible,” said the Secretary of State for Defence of the United Kingdom.”

The transfer of British long-range missiles to Kiev

The British defence minister visited Ukraine unannounced to discuss with the country’s officials the transfer of long-range missiles to Kyiv. Since the beginning of the Ukraine-Russia war, the UK has become an active player in this battle, and adopting anti-Russian positions, sending weapons and military equipment, and imposing sanctions against Russia has fueled tensions and conflicts. Reports indicate that the British arms company BAE Systems has profited more than 130 billion pounds ($162 million) due to the Ukraine-Russia war. 


Sending hundreds of defence missiles and air systems to Kiev

The British Prime Minister has pledged to dispatch a substantial arsenal of defence missiles and unmanned aerial systems, which includes numerous state-of-the-art long-range offensive drones capable of operating at distances exceeding 200 kilometres, to bolster the Ukrainian front. This commitment aligns with the country’s assertive and adventurous foreign policies. He underscored that the Western nations will maintain their support for Ukraine in the years ahead, primarily aiming to thwart Russia’s strategic objectives against the Western world.


The possibility of British presidency over NATO

Some experts believe that the British military support for Ukraine and the UK government’s financial aid to NATO increased Wallace’s chances of taking over the seat of the NATO presidency. After the USA, the UK is the second country that supports the Kyiv front by sending military equipment to Ukraine. The term of Norwegian Jens Stoltenberg’s presidency of NATO ends this fall. He said he has no desire to participate in the next round of elections. The selection of a new president is usually made behind the scenes.


The UK is a key military supplier to Ukraine.

Tensions rising between Russia and BAE Systems in the current situation can disrupt the peace process. Most of the military aid provided by the UK and other governments to Ukraine has been done through the BAE company. IN MAY, the UK is a key military supplier to Ukraine and became the first country to begin supplying Kyiv with long-range cruise missiles. Reuters reported in June that Western defence companies are carefully evaluating opportunities to build weapons in Ukraine because of potential security risks.


Military support is the reason for the continuation of the war.

The Ukraine-Russia war, which has been over a year since its beginning, was triggered by the West’s inattention to Moscow’s security concerns and the expansion of NATO forces near the borders of Russia. Moscow attacked Ukraine on February 24, 2022, after ignoring its security concerns from the West, especially the United States. During this period, the member countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), including the United States, by abandoning the diplomatic option to establish peace, continued this war-mongering with substantial military support from Kyiv, and now by equipping Ukraine with advanced and heavier weapons. The military is following the Kremlin’s provocation policy.

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