Nvidia, the king of computer gaming, has made significant changes

Nvidia is the king of computer gaming. However, more was needed for the company’s leadership. How did they take the company to the next level? Doug O’Laughlin has an interview with China Talk. Doug is the author of Fabricated Knowledge and has been writing about the interaction between semiconductors and the Artificial intelligence (AI) revolution for years. Doug says Jensen has always been very vocal about accelerated computing. Jensen Huang is the co-founder, president and CEO of Nvidia Corporation. There’s a significant shift (GPU) here. (China Talk). China Talk discusses Nvidia’s origin in the graphics card industry and Jensen Huang’s creation of a GPU ecosystem. GPU made Nvidia a leading player.


Doug explains the difference between parallel computing and the rest of computing. X86 is one of the CPUs that people are familiar with. It gets instructions, does a job, and puts it back. They do it very quickly. However, GPUs are meant explicitly for rendering every pixel on your screen. Each pixel, location and colour is a parallel problem (China Talk).

According to Open Metal, GPU (graphics processing unit) parallel computing refers to the ability to perform several tasks together. GPU Parallel computing enables GPUs to break complex problems into thousands or millions of separate tasks. Then GPUs work out the jobs simultaneously instead of individually like a CPU needs to. The GPU parallel computing ability makes GPUs so valuable. This ability also makes them flexible and allows them to be used in various applications, including graphics and video rendering.

CPUs are fast, but they work by rapidly performing a series of tasks, which needs much interactivity. This kind of processing is serial processing. GPU parallel computing is a computation in which many calculations or processes happen simultaneously. This is parallel processing, and it makes GPUs so fast and efficient. A CPU includes four to eight CPU cores, but GPU parallel computing is possible due to hundreds of smaller cores.

GeForce RTX 4060 Family: Beyond fast  

GeForce RTX 4060 family lets you take on the latest apps and games with the ultra-efficient NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture. As NVIDIA says, Nvidia GeForce RTX powers the world’s fastest GPUs and is the ultimate platform for gamers and creators.

What are the pros and cons of GeForce RTX 4060? 

According to PC Games Website, the pros of GeForce RTX 4060 include the following:

  • Best ray tracing performance for under $300
  • Affordable DLSS Frame Generation support
  • Solid all-around 1080p frame rates

Cons. The cons include:

  • Can’t keep up with AMD rasterization performance
  • Memory bandwidth issues can cause stuttering
  • Some downgrades versus RTX 3060

When does GeForce RTX 4060 Ti get the 16GB option? 

Videocardz says two reputable hardware leakers have announced that the RTX 4060 Ti 16GB will arrive in less than two weeks. Based on the latest news, the RTX 4060 Ti will be available on July 18th. The RTX 4060 Ti has an increased memory buffer. This date means each model’s availability for order, shipping, and worldwide distribution. However, details about the review embargo have yet to be revealed.

What is the Price?

According to Videocardz Website, the RTX 4060 Ti was previously available with 8GB of memory. It received a lukewarm reception from gamers, mainly because of its steep price tag of $399. They have confirmed that the version with double memory capacity (16 GB) costs $499. Moreover, there needs to be an indication that NVIDIA wants to make any price adjustments before launching the new model.

Competition in the market 

According to China Talk, Nvidia was a fly-by-night thing. They knew they wanted to work on graphics cards. They had a few rivals. NVIDIA states that it pioneered accelerated computing to solve the challenges no one else can tackle. NVIDIA says their work in AI and the industrial metaverse is changing the world’s largest industries and profoundly affecting society.

Videocardz Website says that amid GeForce RTX 4060 introduction, AMD has remained silent regarding updates to their offerings. AMD’s silence has left NVIDIA without any competition from the RDNA3 family. Moreover, leaked roadmaps still need to provide hints about the arrival of the updated Intel Alchemist+ GPUs. This issue has further solidified NVIDIA’s position in the market. Like the RTX 4060 non-Ti, the updated Ti model with 16GB memory will be an AIB-exclusive model. That is to say that there will be no Founders Edition from NVIDIA.

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