The UK Sunset after Queen Elizabeth II’s Death Obliges Britons to Prepare for a New Era

The UK has experienced significant constitutional upheaval. The change of political and national leadership will bring the UK into a new era of much more uncertainty. King Charles does not enjoy his mother’s popularity, so the UK sunset after Queen Elizabeth II’s death is predictable.


Mourning Days Continue Across the UK 

Queen Elizabeth II died after 70 years of reigning at age 96, on 8 September 2022. St James’ Palace formally proclaimed Charles as the new monarch. The Queen’s state funeral is expected to occur next week, and the committal service will be at Windsor Castle. The royal family members, world heads of state, and members of foreign royal families will attend the public funeral. The senior members of the royal family will attend a private burial internment service.


Only Queen Elizabeth Celebrated Platinum Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth II became the UK’s longest-reigning monarch of the country on 9 September 2015. On 20 November 2017, the Queen and Prince Philip celebrated their 70-year marriage and became the longest-married British royal. On 3 June 2022, the Queen praised the 70th anniversary of her reign. She was the first monarch in the UK’s history who celebrate a Platinum Jubilee. The end of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign will surely be a momentous transition in the UK. 


Elizabeth II Was Head of State of 15 Countries 

The Queen was the monarch of the United Kingdom’s four nations and dozens of other countries. She was the Queen of the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other Commonwealth countries. In non-UK domains, the Queen would appoint a royal representative to carry out her duties. Her representative was known as a governor-general.


The Symbol of Unity, Stability, Harmony Has Gone 

Queen Elizabeth symbolised unity, stability, and harmony in the UK. Therefore, Queen’s death could mark a new era for the UK’s domestic and international affairs. The UK sunset after Queen Elizabeth II’s death is highly probable. Economic and political crises weakened the UK and made it one of the declining influences on the world stage. In less than a decade, four prime ministers ruled the country and experienced high inflation rates among advanced nations.


UK’s Future Economy Becomes Weaker than Europe’s

The UK is bracing for a recession as food prices and energy costs surge to a record level. However, there was chaos in the UK political arena as the ruling party was busy with resigns and a leadership campaign. The UK suffers a poor economic forecast compared to the rest of Europe. Its economy was diminishing after the Conservative Party decided to leave the EU. Brexit blew the UK’s international reputation, detaching the country from its economic partners. 


Britons Suffer a Declining Living Standard 

After Brexit and Covid pandemic, the UK has suffered its biggest slump in living standards since the 1950s. Foreign investments decreased, and the sterling has fallen against the dollar. Prices raised at a rapid pace while wages could not keep up. The UK has been enduring a period of misery, and the sense of economic failure is mounting. The UK does not have the leverage the EU has in trade deals. The economy is strained, and inequality has increased in the UK. 


Nationalism in Devolved Nations Could Rise After Queen

The Queen was a figure who held the UK together throughout challenges. Brexit disunited the UK and revitalised nationalism in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Nevertheless, Queen loved Scotland and would spend her summer time there. Also, the Queen died in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, at Balmoral Castle. The Queen played a role in the peace process of Northern Ireland and made several visits there. Most people across the UK respected the longest-reigning monarch in British history.


Queen Was an Unreplaceable Unifier 

Queen Elizabeth ruled for more than 70 years and was a symbol of firmness for the United Kingdom. British monarch replacement will lead to the UK sunset after Queen Elizabeth II’s death. The UK is politically and economically at a critical juncture, and the Queen was the steady force. In a short period after the Queen’s death, there might be a sense of solidarity across the country. However, Queen Elizabeth was a great unifier, and nobody may take her place. 


Britons’ Support for Charles Is not High

The Queen always stayed above politics and did not express anything which could divide the nation. The Queen symbolised national identity, unity, and pride for the UK. Her son and reign, King Charles, is not a unifier. The public still remembers his bitter divorce from Diana, his popular first wife. Questions about Camila, his second wife, have always surrounded them. King Charles may not enjoy the same support as his mother did. 


Camila Reduced Charles’ Popularity 

Less popularity of the royal family could begin the UK sunset after Queen Elizabeth II’s death. According to a survey by Ipsos Mori, Charles is not overly famous in the UK. During the 1990s, after Diana’s death, Charles’ popularity halved. Charles was romantically involved with Camila before and during his marriage to Diana. A YouGov poll found that 20 percent would like Camila as the Queen. Charles will always be associated with his marriage to Camila in the public’s mind.


Queen Was a Popular, Dependable Monarch  

The Queen was a revered figure and presenter of constancy across the British realm. The crisis-hit UK is bewildered by uncertainty after months of political turmoil and years of economic pressure. Liz Truss, the Prime Minister, has said the Queen was the rock on which the modern UK was built. The Queen was the figure the post-Brexit UK relied on to rebuild its reputation. The UK sunset after Queen Elizabeth II’s death is not inevitable.


Britons Suddenly Experienced Replacements of Two Leaders 

The UK experienced a monarch and prime minister change in just a few days. It is a new era of political and national leadership in the UK. The two new leaders have to manage the country during a crisis. From 9 September until 19 September, all government and parliamentary businesses are suspended. After the official mourning period, normal work will begin, and Truss will have to focus on the pressing priorities. 


King Charles, PM Truss Have Tough Time Ahead 

Soaring inflation has already put Britons under pressure, and the new government is stressed about the economy. The cost-of-living crisis will define Truss’s premiership, and it will not be easy. The monarch’s change will add to the instability in the UK and affect its state worldwide. The UK sunset after Queen Elizabeth II’s death is not farfetched. The feelings of uncertainty make it difficult for Liz Truss and King Charles to rally public sentiment. 


Britons Must Get Ready for Post-Elizabethan Age

The Queen was a long-term ruling monarch who united the country through tough times. The Queen’s death impacts the sense of national identity in the UK. The Queen was the power that bound the UK together and represented the symbol of Britishness. The UK sunset after Queen Elizabeth II’s death is expected. Britons must get themselves ready for a new post-Elizabethan age.

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