New Policies for ‘Illegal Immigrants in the UK Root Back to Conservative’s Anti-Immigrant Tradition

 What are the UK government’s immigration policies?

How does the Home Secretary plan to tackle immigration?

What do international organizations say about British immigration plans?

When did systematic racism start in the UK? 


The UK Conservative government has introduced a new immigration plan to control who crosses its borders. Many aspects of the new policies for illegal immigrants in the UK do not respect the fundamental principles of UN refugee law. 


Tories Abandon Immigrants in the hands of Smugglers.

Last year, the British government adopted new policies for illegal immigrants in the UK. With Brexit, Britain has taken back control of its legal immigration system. Britain has ended free movement within the EU and introduced point-based rules. The country has also reformed its asylum system to address illegal immigration.


The UK government believes that illegal immigration involves smuggling, which is against Britain’s national interests. According to the UK’s New Plan for Immigration, access to the UK’s asylum system should be based on needs. Also, newcomers should enter the UK via a safe country where they have claimed asylum. Those who entered Britain illegally in 2022 have faced the Conservative Party’s controversial plans. The Conservative government ignores that for many people from conflict-torn areas, using irregular means is the only possible way to flee. 


Anti-Immigrants Policy Is a Tory Tradition 

Boris Johnson the UK Prime Minister has previously announced new policies for illegal immigrants in the UK. According to him, the government would reject new illegal immigrants into the UK and fly them to Rwanda. It has surprised many inside and outside the UK, but such plans are the Conservative anti-immigration traditions.


The Conservative government considered Rwanda’s sketchy human rights record a safe place to resettle illegal immigrants. Priti Patel, Johnson’s home secretary, had signed a multi-million-pound deal with Rwanda to do the job. The home secretary later defended the plan and told the MPs nothing would deter them from doing the right thing. Patel backed the new policies for illegal immigrants that would have barred her parents from Britain. 


Priti Patel Uses’ Foreign Officers’ to Remove Immigrants 

A growing number of people from south-east Europe have made the journey to cross the Channel into the UK. According to UK officials, about 60 percent of illegal migrants are Albanian. The UK Home Secretary has negotiated with Albania to cooperate to tackle Channel crossings.


Patel introduced the Nationality and Borders Act to prohibit asylum claims if someone travels through a safe third country. Although Patel has an immigrant background, she is continuing the harsh policies against immigration. The New policies for illegal immigrants in the UK will speed up the removal of Albanians. Priti Patel and her Albanian counterpart have pledged to track the immigrants from Albania and remove them. Albanian officers will assist UK authorities in Belgium, France, and Kent.


Amnesty International Denounces UK Immigration Rules 

Priti Patel has announced that Britain arrested tens of people this week under the Nationality and Borders Act. They were arrested on suspicion of facilitating crossing the Channel for the asylum seekers. Critics from Labor Party have called for the home secretary to fund National Crime Agency. The shadow immigration minister has said Patel is wasting time and taxpayers’ money tackling criminal gangs. Amnesty International UK has denounced the new policies for illegal immigrants in the UK.


The organization has said Patel’s cruel policies against asylum seekers have broken the asylum system and proved her disastrous management. According to Amnesty, the home office has recklessly refused to process thousands of asylum claims. The UK government has abandoned refugees suffering from inappropriate accommodations and immigrants undergoing dangerous journeys. 


UNHRC Sacks the UK’s Immigration Policies 

The UK government’s Act to control who enters the country undermines the right to seek asylum. The UN Human Rights Council has said some provisions breach the Refugee Convention. UNHRC has said the new policies for illegal immigrants in the UK are concerning because they criminalize new arrivals.


The UN, human rights groups, charities, and Amnesty International have spoken out against the new laws. The Conservative policies categorize immigrants and set different protections and rights for them. But everyone has the right to seek asylum where they choose, regardless of the path they have to go to enter a country. According to the UN Refugee Council analysis, most asylum seekers in the UK qualify for refugee status. Those are the ones who cross the so-called illegal routes to cross the Channel.


Future UK PM Will Be Tough on Immigration 

The Conservative Party leadership hopefuls have also promised to pursue the same policy in their governments. Boris Johnson resigned in July, and members of the ruling Conservative Party will elect the new leader in September. Liz Truss, the Foreign Secretary, and Rishi Sunak, the former Chancellor for Exchequer, compete for the premiership. The two contenders in the leadership race will adopt the same Conservative new policies for illegal immigrants in the UK.


Truss has promised to introduce harsh measures to deter illegal Channel Crossings. She would expand the Rwanda policy and would plan to add more countries. Rishi Sunak, who has an Indian root, also promised secure borders for the UK. He has talked about tightening the definition of who qualifies for asylum in the UK. Both candidates have emphasized hardline policies to boost support among the party members. 


Non-White Secretary Uses ‘Keep Britain White’ Policy

The racial problems in Britain go back to the 1950s. After WWII, when the immigrants from the Commonwealth would go to the UK, British politicians decided to keep Britain white. However, citizens of the Commonwealth had the right to enter and remain in the UK with restrictions. British racists favoured an end to immigration. Therefore, British politicians formed mandatory immigration rules. During 1950-1981, immigration legislation aimed to reduce the number of people with black or brown skin. That resulted in the Windrush Scandal in 2017, when the Home Office wrongly deported the Windrush generation. Priti Patel became the Home Secretary in 2019, and she followed the same policy of banning immigrants. Despite her Indian and African background, Patel is determined to adopt harsh policies against immigrants in the UK. 



The Conservative party did its best to have the Brexit done. Then the words EU and non-EU created the classification of the newcomers to the UK. Now the UK has taken back control of its borders. So, the Conservative ruling party tightens rules for the people fleeing from desperate places. Priti Patel has signed a new deal to speedily deport the so-called illegal immigrants from the UK. This is the continuation of the existing Conservative policies on immigration. The plan will close the UK’s borders to all immigrants, those people that Britain classes as unskilled workers. While among the previous generation, many such immigrants came to the UK and they did their jobs well. 


The Conservative party’s attitude toward class, work, and race is questionable. Its immigration plan requires scoring points for the newcomers based on the UK government’s qualifications standards. The UK government should rethink its new policies for illegal immigrants in the country. The International Rescue Committee believes that no asylum seeker should lose the right to enter the UK. According to UN statistics, 26 million refugees worldwide have arrived in other countries via illegal routes in 2021. Countries should regard these immigrants better than those who come via safe routes. The Conservative Party have suppressed immigrants while it has been long benefiting from them. Human Rights defenders must force Britain to ease its migration policies. energy supply chain

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