Instances of Sex Scandals Rising Among UK MPs

Sex Scandals Rising Among UK MPs

Following the moral scandals of British legislators, the media has reported that the cases of 56 representatives accused of sexual harassment have been referred to the disciplinary committee of the UK Parliament.

Complaints Against Two SNP Representatives

The Times reported that the parliamentary committee had received 70 complaints against the deputies ranging from allegations of sexual harassment to more serious violations. Complaints against two members of the Scottish National Party accused of sexual harassment are the latest to be confirmed by a parliamentary official. Patrick Grady and Patricia Gibson, senior members of the Scottish National Party, are said to have been questioned recently by the Parliament’s disciplinary committee. Grady, 42, allegedly touched a nightclub employee in an inappropriate way. Gibson is also accused of making inappropriate remarks to a male Member of Parliament. The Scottish National Party has declined to comment. The SNP said: “It would not be legally appropriate to comment while the independent parliamentary process is ongoing.”

Sex Scandals by British lawmakers a Hot Media Topic

No further information is available on the identities of the other representatives accused of sexual harassment. But a few weeks ago, a member of the ruling Conservative Party, Imran Khan, resigned on charges of sexually harassing a 15-year-old boy. Of course, the moral scandal of British lawmakers is not new; three years ago, it became a hot topic in the media. According to research in the UK Parliament, corruption and sexual harassment have become commonplace among its members, thanks to the silence of senior political officials.

Doubts About the Legitimacy and Credibility of the UK Parliament

The research shows that sexual harassment continues due to the prevalence of a culture of silence and flattery in Parliament and remains a hidden problem. The British lawyer Dame Laura Cox warned in her report that the moral corruption of some MPs has called into question the entire credibility and legitimacy of Parliament. She called for a serious solution to the problem, although she predicted that it would be difficult to get out of the dilemma under the current management.

Non-Reporting of Sexual Harassment by Victims

The reports, parts of which were printed by the British press, stated that more than half of Parliament staff had witnessed or been abused by MPs. The report adds that one-fifth of staff at the House of Lords and the Commonwealth have been victims of sexual harassment, while 75% have not yet spoken out for fear of losing their jobs. The report, based on a survey of 1,377 UK parliamentary staff, also confirms that half of the victims do not trust Parliament’s disciplinary officials to file the complaints. Former Secretary of Defence Michael Fallon and former First Deputy Prime Minister Damian Green, were among those who resigned because of their immoral relationships with young women who had died.

Culture of the UK Parliament Under Criticism

Criticising the prevailing culture in the UK Parliament, an MP said that some men in the UK Parliament and Government feel that they are a gift from God to women. “Keep your hands in your pockets,” Cabinet Minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan said in an ironic interview with male members of parliament. The revelations came amid growing allegations of misogyny, sexual misconduct and corruption in the UK Parliament, especially after it was revealed that Neil Parish, a male member of the ruling Conservative Party, was watching pornographic films in the House of Commons; the matter was referred to the disciplinary committee for investigation, at the complaint of two female representatives sitting next to him. Ms Trevelyan added: “All of us as women in Parliament have been subjected to inappropriate language and wandering hands as my granny used to call it; it doesn’t change. The vast majority of the men I work with are delightful. They’re committed parliamentarians; they’re passionate about the causes they fight.” Recently, with widespread sexual harassment in Parliament, House Speaker Lindsay Hoyle called for an immediate investigation into the corruption.

Watching Porn Movies in the UK Parliament

Some time ago, Neil Parish, a member of the ruling Conservative Party who was watching sexually explicit videos on his cell phone in Parliament with two women on his side, was forced to resign under public pressure. Last month, MP Imran Ahmad Khan also resigned after he was convicted of sexual misconduct and corruption.

The rise of corruption in the UK Parliament has long been newsworthy and, from time to time, it becomes more prominent with a new issue. Recently, some media outlets reported that more than 50 members of the UK Parliament had been charged with sexual harassment. Earlier, a number of female parliamentarians had complained of numerous cases of sexual harassment in the halls of Westminster, with some describing certain Members of Parliament and staff as sexually ill without naming names. Sexual abuse of members at the Parliament is widespread, with political party leaders being asked to report abusive MPs to the police.

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