relationship with Jennifer Arcuri: Boris Johnson Goofs

Jennifer Arcuri has had some claims about her relationship with Johnson in an interview. Jennifer has said that her affair with Boris Johnson has taken her along for four years (2012 to 2016). she claims that Johnson has used his position as a mayor to benefit Jennifer Arcuri. Many documents prove Mr Johnson and Ms Arcuri’s relationship. She talked about her Sexual relationship with Johnson in his house when Marina wheeler was away. The Telegraph says it understands that the GLA committee will write to Johnson, “probably after the mayoral elections in May, asking why he did not declare his relationship, confidentially at least”.

It adds: “if the committee is unhappy with his written responses, it could demand that he gives evidence in public.”

Jennifer Arcuri is an American model that has become a businesswoman. She claims that she has had a four-year affair with Johnson while he was mayor.

She is 36 now and is living in America now. Jennifer Arcuri’s first meeting with Johnson happened in 2012 after moving to the UK to study for an MBA. According to the company’s house, she has been a director of four companies. Two companies are active now; Innotech and Hacker House Ltd. Innotech organizes networking summits for tech entrepreneurs and Hacker House Ltd, which teaches Cyberse skills.

How did Johnson abuse his relationship with Arcuri?

There is a lot of documentary evidence that Boris Johnson had broken the rules that he talked about when he was the mayor of London. But he was never punished for his mistakes. Some pretensions show, Boris Johnson, abused his position as a mayor to cheat his American lover Jennifer Arcuri.

Boris Johnson had promised Jennifer Arcuri to do some actions to help her achieve her goals in her business field, Innotech. Up to now, there isn’t any evidence to show that Johnson has granted his promises. Arcuri trusted Johnson, but he broke his promises.

The recent dairies show that Johnson’s most important reason for his relationship with Jennifer Arcuri was, having sex with her. In October 2012, Johnson said to Ms Arcuri, “how can I help you?”. “how can I be the trust-the throttle-your more footstep as you make your career?

Later Johnson noted in the dairy for Arcuri:” I can barely control myself whenever I see you. You make me too excited. Baby, I couldn’t wait. All year I have been waiting for you. All year you drove me nuts. I have thought about no woman as I have thought of you.”

Jennifer Arcuri says he was “always trying to think of ways to please me”. When Arcuri returned to London in early 2013, Johnson set a date to visit her flat.

He wanted to please her. she told him she agreed to be the keynote speaker at the launch of her Innotech business model in April. At first, he was shocked and told her: “you are getting me in so much trouble.” He talked about the existing conflicts to her, but he did never explain the reason. He never explained that their relationship was against Nolan’s rules. She had never heard anything about the Nolan. After she broke her relationship with Johnson, she heard about Nolan. That afternoon Jennifer Arcuri persisted on her request for being a keynote conference speaker, and finally, Johnson accepted it.

Although Johnson had committed not to abuse his position according to GLA, he was perusing Jennifer Arcuri for a sexual relationship from 2012. He ignored this rule and acted according to his will.

The Nolan Principles.

Lord Nolan established the life standards committee in 1994. Nolan is an independent public institution that constitutes moral standards for living in Britain.

In 1995 Lord Nolan constituted seven principles of public life. These principles are ((Nolan principles)).

Nolan Standards:

  • Selflessness
  • Integrity
  • Objectivity
  • Accountability
  • Openness
  • Honesty
  • Leadership

According to these standards, public office holders shouldn’t decide in terms of the public interest. They should make decisions impartially, reasonably, and merit. Holders of public office should act clearly; they shouldn’t hide any information from people unless there are clear and lawful reasons. They should be honest with the public and show all these principles in their behaviour.

Boris Johnson should have revealed his close relationship with Ms Arcuri.

Boris Johnson, British prime minister, may have had a close relationship with Jennifer Arcuri, but his crime wasn’t investigated because of his position.

His position as a London mayor allowed him to benefit the businesswoman.

IOPC director general Michael Lockwood said:” We found no evidence to indicate that Mr Johnson influenced the payment of Arcuri.” There isn’t any evidence to show how he cheated Ms Arcuri.

Boris Johnson has repeatedly denied his close relationship with Jennifer Arcuri.

Boris Johnson has repeatedly denied his relationship with Jennifer Arcuri during his time of being London mayor. He also refused his sexual relationship with Jennifer Arcuri.

Reports in the Sunday Times claimed MS Arcuri received a total of £126,000 in taxpayers’ cash.

  1. Johnson refused his relationship with Ms Arcuri and replied:” I am here to talk about what we’re doing in the UN and his country’s commitment to tackling climate change. We want to stop the loss of biodiversity and our role as a bridge between our European and American friends.”

Boris Johnson has blocked Ms Arcuri’s calls.      

After Boris’s corruption disclosure, he has blocked Ms Arcuri’s calls. He is also refusing to talk to her.

Addressing Mr Johnson directly in the interview, Ms Arcuri said: “I’ve been nothing but loyal, faithful, supportive, and true confidante of yours. I’ve kept your secrets, and I’ve been your friend”.” I don’t understand why you’ve blocked me and ignored me.” “I’m heartbroken by the way that you have cast me aside like I am some gremlin.”

Mr Johnson is divorcing his wife, who lived 25 years with. He is facing lots of problems too.

Boris Johnson has tried a lot to protect his private life from the public eye. But people know everything about his relationship with Jennifer Arcuri. Although he is trying to hide from the criminal investigation, he will still encounter many different questions from a city Hall watchdog about his relationship with Jennifer Arcuri.

Mr Johnson will not face criminal investigation.

Boris Johnson will not face criminal investigation because of his position. He abused an Us tech entrepreneur because of being the mayor of London.

On Thursday, the independent office for public conduct (IOPC) said that it would not be launching a probe into the prime minister following claims of misconduct in public office involving former model and businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri.

Analysts said that Mr Johnson was left vulnerable for the first time in his two-decade political career. “This goes into a new category-it’s no longer just the tabloid sex scandal thing,” said Sonia Purnell, the author of” just Boris: a tale of Blond Ambition.” “every single ingredient there is alarming. And the fact that he will not answer any questions-or indeed deny any of those Allegations-I think that is why some people see blood in the water.”

This scandal happened to the minister in a busy and stressful week.

Ms Purnell said: “the fact that he’s prorogued parliament means no one can call him to account.”

Mr Johnson has committed lots of scandals. He has lost a significant amount of political capital for carrying out the Brexit.

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