SNP coalition, a Bargaining Chip for Scottish Independence


An agreement between the SNP and the Scottish Green Party to share power will bring great accomplishments for the Scottish nationalists. The potential of the Scottish Greens to bring about a green economy and social equality, in addition to the SNP’s efforts to promote Scottish welfare, will make the SNP leader’s mandate for a second independent referendum irrefutable .

Presence of Scottish Greens in Government for First Time in the UK

The Scottish National Party (SNP) has recently made an agreement with the Scottish Green Party for power-sharing in the government. Members of the Green Party have overwhelmingly voted to support the historic deal and they will now been taking part in the Scottish government for the very first time.

Lorna Slater and Patrick Harvie, Scottish Green co-leaders, will be the first Green ministers in government after the party’s power sharing agreement with the SNP. Ms Slater’s first political activity was during the 2014 independent referendum for Scotland and she has now made it to Holyrood in 2021. Mr Harvie has been in Holyrood for almost 20 years and is a long-time supporter of Scottish independence; he also campaigned in the 2014 referendum. Harvie also supports an independent republic and thinks a democratically accountable head of state should replace the Queen; he believes that the monarchy is outdated and discredited for ruling a country in today’s world.

Scottish Green Party History

The origins of the Green Party date back to the mid-1970s when the People Party was established in England; this was re-named to the Ecology Party in 1975. In 1986, the Scottish Greens amicably left the Ecology Party to become the Greens. By 1989, green parties had become so popular across Europe that many voted for green politics in different countries. In 1990, the Scottish Green Party was formed formally as a separate entity from the Green Party of England and Wales.

In 1997, the Scottish Green Party campaigned for a Yes vote in the devolution referendum and, in 1999, their first parliamentarian was elected as an MSP. The first Green MSP focused on issues like organic food and farming targets bill. In 2003, seven MSPs were elected from the Green Party and they set out an agenda in pursuit of issues such as the economy, equality, transport and energy. In 2014, the Greens along with SNP failed to deliver independence for Scotland; but in 2021, the party’s candidates won eight seats in Holyrood.

The Scottish Green Party Wants a Society who Cares for the Environment

For the Scottish Green Party, just like the many other green parties around the world, a healthy economy is a matter of importance which can be achieved based on a healthy and productive environment. The Scottish Greens believe that society as a whole is wasteful and depletes natural resources while undermining the economic potentials of the country.

The Scottish Greens want a better quality of life and a society who cares for its environment,  leaving a legacy of clean air and pure water for the next generations. They want to build a green economy and manufacturing, with the assurance of a low carbon footprint. According to the Scottish Greens, moving towards a green economy, there should be a guarantee of education and work opportunities for people. They also want to establish a Good Business Council to guide the government on providing a green economy. Members of the Scottish Green Party want better relations between the agricultural sector and society, and say farmers should be appreciated because they manage the country’s environment and grow healthy crops for the population.

Scottish Greens Seek a Green Economy and an Equal Society

Having recently come to power, the Scottish Greens say that they regard the quality of life to be an important matter and plan to take the country from austerity to a rich economy based on jobs in an equal society. They will work to create more secure jobs and set policies in place where everyone can have what is needed for a good life in a country with vast resources and creative people. Part of their agenda is to eliminate the pay gap and defend workers’ rights.

The Greens say they will create a fair welfare system to help end poverty and promote equality by covering a larger portion of the population. They also plan to establish peace industries and mechanisms for conflict prevention and resolution. They support measures to curb the global arms trade and will try to withdraw Scotland’s support for enterprises involved in arms sales. As opponents of the Trident nuclear weapons system, the Scottish Greens will pursue every possible way to get rid of stored nuclear weapons.

Scottish Independence More Probable as SNP Cooperates with the Greens

The Scottish Green Party has always been a pro-independence party and the joint deal it has made with the ruling SNP will likely help with a second independent referendum. In fact, this “ground-breaking” change in Scottish politics, as the SNP leader called it, is a coalition of Scottish nationalists for their shared goal of independence.

SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon believes that the new arrangement between the two nationalist parties will have a positive effect on the idea of a second independent referendum. The SNP and Green MSPs hold a majority of 72 out of 129 seats in Holyrood. This coalition will retain the independence identity of the Scottish people and can stand as a more powerful movement in the face of any opposition by Westminster. The Scottish Greens believe that Scotland’s economy can be best developed when the country is independent. They also believe that the mere devolution of power by Westminster to Holyrood is not enough and want to see more power for Scotland and more control over the region.


The Green Party of England and Wales seeks an equal and sustainable society, as does the Scottish Green Party. But the Greens in England and Wales do not have the same official position as the Scots. As a result of an agreement signed between the Scottish Government and the Green Party, members of the Green Party will enter government and have ministers in Holyrood for the first time in UK history.

The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the ruling Tories do not use the ideas of the Greens of England and Wales in the UK government, but the Scottish government cooperates with the ambitious Scottish Greens. The Scottish Green Party has a long-term agenda for a greener country with a green economy and green environment, while helping the SNP to set up an economic agenda for the people of Scotland. The Scottish Government signed an agreement with this pro-independence party in Scotland to enhance its powers for an easier separation from the UK. London has long been opposing an independence referendum in Scotland, but Scottish nationalists from both parties now own a majority seats in Holyrood with this deal and have a more powerful voice to seek their goals and pursue the path towards a stronger, independent Scotland.

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