Salmond Riot Threat to Independence Process

What is the cause of tensions between Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond? What has been the level of support for Scottish independence among the people of Scotland since the UK left the EU? What effect did UK's withdrawal from the EU have on the region's economy? Alex Salmond's remarks on Scotland's unpreparedness for independence may lead to escalating internal tensions ahead of the crucial May 6 election – A hard barrier at the most critical time!

Increased Tendency Towards Independence Among the Scots After the UK Withdrawal from the EU

The UK withdrawal from the EU was completed at the beginning of 2021. The move provoked a backlash from Northern Ireland and Scotland, which had initially opposed secession from the EU, and increased their desire for independence from the UK. Polls show that the Scottish people’s will to secede from the UK and rejoin the EU is increasing by the day, while the Scots have previously opposed secession from the UK. Scotland’s first referendum on independence was held in 2014 and 55% of those polled voted to stay in the UK. But now, the Scots say the situation has changed since the UK left the EU and the move by Boris Johnson’s government has dealt a huge blow to Scottish economy and jobs. Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon believes there is nothing better than the benefits of staying in the EU.

Alex Salmond Says Scotland is Not Ready for Independence from the UK

Alex Salmond, former Leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) and former First Minister of Scotland, with his recent allegations against Nicola Sturgeon, the current First Minister of Scotland, could delay Scotland’s independence and undermine the wish of the Scottish people. Tensions between Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond have risen and the case has gone to court. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving his post. At one time, the two political leaders in the alliance sought Scottish independence from the UK to turn it into a prosperous and powerful country. But now, Alex Salmond is standing up to Nicola Sturgeon and seeking her resignation as First Minister of Scotland. In a statement, Salmond accused Sturgeon of being a weak leader and said that weak leadership could damage Scotland’s independence. The former first minister said huge deficiencies had been exposed in running the Scottish government and the Crown Office and blamed both institutions for forcing him to live through a “nightmare” during his last three years in office. Salmond told a Holyrood inquiry I sought independence “all my political life”. But this must be “accompanied by institutions whose leadership is strong and robust and capable of protecting each and every citizen from arbitrary authority”, he added.

Disputes Between Salmond and Sturgeon Delay Scottish Independence

Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon have worked together for many years, but it is not clear why Salmond is taking a stand against Scottish independence and trying to delay it. Salmond has filed various charges against Sturgeon and is seeking to convict her in court. There may well be an agreement between Salmond and Boris Johnson behind the scenes and that is why he is working against Scottish independence. But this cannot affect the Scottish independence process and can only delay it for a while, as opinion polls show that most Scots want independence from the UK and re-membership in the EU to enjoy the benefits. While the referendum is legally possible only with permission from the UK, Scotland intends to file a lawsuit in the UK Supreme Court to hold this without the permission of the British central government. Meanwhile, reports indicate increased support for Scottish independence. According to a survey conducted in the summer of 2020, this has increased to 54%.

Alex Salmond Speaks Against His Past Position

Alex Salmond, now an obstacle to Scottish independence, took a very different stance from his current one as Scotland’s former first minister. When he was president of the SNP he made great efforts for Scottish independence, but failed. He said in an interview a few years ago that economically, Scotland had about 90% of the EU’s oil and gas reserves, valued at around 1.5 trillion pounds, for the next 40 to 50 years. Given these vast reserves, he predicted that Scotland’s independence from the UK would make it the sixth most prosperous country in the world, which is not the case at the present time. Salmond, who has now relinquished political power, is trying to become an obstacle to Scottish independence with a personal agenda, and Nicola Sturgeon, who has made every effort to hold a second referendum on Scottish independence, is being forced to step down. These personal ambitions will disrupt Scotland’s independence for a time, but the Scots will decide their own future in the long run. With or without Sturgeon, they have decided to gain independence and regain the benefits of EU membership, and these sabotages will not deter them. Some experts believe that Alex Salmond’s recent actions are at the behest of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and that Johnson is trying to dissuade them from their decision to become independent from the UK by creating internal strife in Scotland.

UK’s withdrawal from the EU, despite Scottish opposition, has created many problems for businesses and industries in the region. Sturgeon believes that the decision in the midst of a pervasive pandemic has done great damage to the Scottish economy and that the British government should compensate the Scots for the damages they have suffered from the wrong policies of Boris Johnson. Scottish independence is now more serious than ever before and has maximum support within Scotland; a second Scottish independence referendum is likely to take place in the next few months.

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