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Bristol: The New Post-Brexit Chapter

Bristol: The New Post-Brexit Chapter The United Kingdom has been seeking a change in its domestic policy for years. Since 2013, many studies have been...
UK Economy

UK Economy and the Coronavirus

Analysis of UK Economy During the Pandemic! Different lockdown measures were taken in response to the coronavirus, suspending economic development in some industries and seriously...

The Secret of MEK! Blood Campaign at the Heart of the EU

Does the European Union believe there are now more key elements for classifying terrorism? Do you know the MEK group? Human Rights Overshadowed by Political Interests Terrorism...

Post-Brexit: The era of introversion

What Is an Early Impact of Brexit on British Politics? The Labour Party was the biggest loser in British politics in the last general...

Extremists at Home – Potential ISIS Dangers and Threats

Britain considers the destruction of the ISIS terrorist group vital to its national security. It views the ISIS ideology as toxic to national security...
Scottish independence

IndYref2 Poll Validity Limits: Authentic or Hand-Picked?

The results of the Scottish Independence poll, which was randomly sent to the e-mail of 1000 people, show less than 50% support for Scottish...

The Pandemic: UK Healthcare Workers Hurt by Government Mismanagement

The coronavirus was detected in the United Kingdom in late January 2020 and the country is currently one of the worst-hit in the world....
The UK social security system in trouble

UK Social Crises: Challenges of Social Security and State Pension

While the British government has been struggling to keep society going with austerity measures and huge social cuts, the coronavirus outbreak has imposed...

Climate Change: Boris Johnson’s Media Show-Off over Cuts in Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Climate change is an important matter governments around the world have been dealing with over the past several decades. Greenhouse gases make the earth...

Trumpism and the anti-structural uprising mark the decline of liberal-democratic values

If the post-American era has a date, it is definitely today. It was a reminder of the fragility of liberal-democratic values. The United States, the flagship...

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