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UK immigration

UK immigration policy: Conflict of interest

UK immigration policy since 1999. They had strict penalties and imprisonment for illegal immigration. However, many immigrants chose their destination in Britain and entered...
Female harassment in the Military

Kenyan woman’s murder near a British military base: Female harassment in the Military

Women as human beings need protection worldwide—women's right to be protected against dangers and threats in society, especially in their workplace. The British government...
Increased Terrorist Attacks in the UK

Increased Terrorist Attacks in the UK

What are the reasons for increased terrorist attacks in the UK? Have there been attacks on British MPs before? Why is there growing concern about the...
Deportation of Sri Lankan Scientist

Deportation of Sri Lankan Scientist from Britain

The Conservative government has stepped up its anti-immigration policies after easing Covid-19 restrictions and has begun deporting thousands of illegal immigrants. Deportation of Sri...
David Amess

David Amess Murder: Extremism Puts UK on a Fragile Path

UK police and intelligence officers have been struggling to tackle extremism in any shape or form for many years now. After a fatal attack...
Boris Johnson's Holiday

British Outrage Over Boris Johnson’s Holiday

The UK prime minister was criticised by the media after he was spotted painting in an expensive villa. The British media attacked him, saying...
Violence Against Women

An Epidemic of Violence Against Women in the UK

Recent emerging data highlights that since the outbreak of Covid-19, violence against women and girls, including domestic violence and sexual abuse, has intensified in...
The Fuel Crisis

The Fuel Crisis: Security Approval and Army Deliveries

The UK has been facing fuel shortages for more than two weeks now. With the influx of people into petrol stations last weekend, 90%...

The Racism Crisis: Growing Racial Discrimination Against Blacks in the UK

The level of racism in the UK has been increasing in recent years. The National Crime Agency (NCA) has announced in its latest report...
Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment Crisis: Criminal Laws Need to Change

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) says 695 people have been killed in the 12 months leading to March because of sexual harassment. According...

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