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Increased Terrorist Attacks in the UK

Increased Terrorist Attacks in the UK

What are the reasons for increased terrorist attacks in the UK? Have there been attacks on British MPs before? Why is there growing concern about the...

Liverpool and Man City will rule for the next PL Seasons

Manchester City's fourth title in the English Premier League. Arsenal and Manchester United have dropped out of the contenders. For the next Premier League(PL)...
Student living costs in London

Sharp rise in student living costs in London: Preference for Studying at home

The cost of living is a vital issue in London. The current UK cost of living crisis is affecting everyone, and students are no...
UK Defence Budget

Increases in the UK Defence Budget

London, June 30 (Reuters) - Britain will boost defence spending to 2.5% of its gross domestic product (GPD) by the end of this decade,...
violence against women

The UK’s Epidemic of violence against women

The UK is facing a reckoning on gender-based violence. Boris Johnson’s government has ruined its response. The Police are refusing even to register the...
David Amess

David Amess Murder: Extremism Puts UK on a Fragile Path

UK police and intelligence officers have been struggling to tackle extremism in any shape or form for many years now. After a fatal attack...

A Met Police officer is being investigated after yelling ‘Free Palestine’ at a rally.

A Met Police officer who was filmed hugging a protester while chanting "Free Palestine" at a march is being investigated. On Saturday, thousands of...

British Women’s Rights Under Police Boots!

Increased Protests in the UK Regardless of Covid Restrictions Protests and opposition to increased police power and authority in the UK, which coincide with the...
Keir Starmer

Labour Leader Starmer Outlines a Growth Plan for the UK Economy

In a speech made in Liverpool on Monday, Sir Keir Starmer proclaimed that the future Labour government’s goals would be "Growth, growth and growth." The...
Black soldiers

Racism in the payment of the Black soldiers salaries

Thousands of British minority soldiers have not been honoured in World Wars I and II. Black and Asian soldiers in the British military have never...

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