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The Tuition Fee System Is Under Brexit Push!

A 40% Drop in the Number of International Students in the UK Nic Mitchell, who is a British-based freelance journalist and PR consultant running De...
UK immigration

UK immigration policy: Conflict of interest

UK immigration policy since 1999. They had strict penalties and imprisonment for illegal immigration. However, many immigrants chose their destination in Britain and entered...
Deportation of Sri Lankan Scientist

Deportation of Sri Lankan Scientist from Britain

The Conservative government has stepped up its anti-immigration policies after easing Covid-19 restrictions and has begun deporting thousands of illegal immigrants. Deportation of Sri...

Stop Secrecy: Rape of Women in the British Army

Despite the fact that more than half of British women soldiers have been raped and sexually abused by their male counterparts, most of them...

Rights of Ethnic Minorities and Gender Equality in UK and Scotland

Ethnic Minorities in Scotland Scotland has a population of 5,463,300 according to the 2019 Mid-Year Population Estimates for Scotland. In 2011, 84% of Scotland’s population...
Violence Against Women

An Epidemic of Violence Against Women in the UK

Recent emerging data highlights that since the outbreak of Covid-19, violence against women and girls, including domestic violence and sexual abuse, has intensified in...
The UK Education System

Failure of UK Education System Hinders Academic Achievement

The vast majority of young, non-white students in the UK have experienced racism, while a great number think that radical stigmas discourage them from...

Bristol: The New Post-Brexit Chapter

Bristol: The New Post-Brexit Chapter The United Kingdom has been seeking a change in its domestic policy for years. Since 2013, many studies have been...

Trumpism and the anti-structural uprising mark the decline of liberal-democratic values

If the post-American era has a date, it is definitely today. It was a reminder of the fragility of liberal-democratic values. The United States, the flagship...
Ethnic and racial minorities

Ethnic and racial minorities in the UK Government

The problems of ethnic and racial minorities and their politicians have not been solved or alleviated in the 21st century. The prevalence of Covid...

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