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Boris Johnson's Holiday

British Outrage Over Boris Johnson’s Holiday

The UK prime minister was criticised by the media after he was spotted painting in an expensive villa. The British media attacked him, saying...

The UK under Lockdown again? Bewildered Government Must Decide!

All pandemic restrictions aimed at limiting the spread of Covid-19 were lifted in July across the UK. But since the early days of September,...
racism NHS

Will the UK Government Address Racism in the NHS?

Structural racism within the UK society is an existing factor that affects social productivity and work improvement. Inequalities in the workplace have targeted the...

Stop Secrecy: Rape of Women in the British Army

Despite the fact that more than half of British women soldiers have been raped and sexually abused by their male counterparts, most of them...

Trumpism and the anti-structural uprising mark the decline of liberal-democratic values

If the post-American era has a date, it is definitely today. It was a reminder of the fragility of liberal-democratic values. The United States, the flagship...
Violence Against Women

An Epidemic of Violence Against Women in the UK

Recent emerging data highlights that since the outbreak of Covid-19, violence against women and girls, including domestic violence and sexual abuse, has intensified in...
UK immigration

UK immigration policy: Conflict of interest

UK immigration policy since 1999. They had strict penalties and imprisonment for illegal immigration. However, many immigrants chose their destination in Britain and entered...

Tories Immigration Plan: would send them to Rwanda

The collapse of rivals and the war in Ukraine provide a lifeline for the British Prime Minister following the recent scandals. Boris Johnson has become so indestructible...
Crisis in the UK NHS

Crisis in the UK NHS: The deplorable situation – 2022

What is the main reason for the crisis in the UK NHS? What solutions have British politicians considered regarding the UK NHS crisis? ...
Will Rishi Sunak be the prime minister?

Successor to UK’s Boris Johnson: Will Rishi Sunak Be the Prime Minister?

Boris Johnson has gone through a journey from the general election in 2019 to his recent quitting. Following his resignation, several Conservative MPs announced...

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