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Housing prices in the UK

Surprising Trend: How UK Housing Prices are Defying Expectations

The Bank of England's recent decision to raise interest rates has once again ignited a storm in the already volatile UK housing market. With...
poverty in the UK

Challenges Faced by the UK Population: Rising Inflation, Poverty, and Hunger

The British population has been grappling with the persistent rising inflation and the soaring cost of living, which has been a cause of great...
Union strikes

Are Union Strikes a Right or a Problem That Needs Addressing?

Union strikes involving employees refusing to work can be a contentious issue. Strikes can be either official, where trade unions adhere to legal regulations,...
Rising costs for the royal family

How much does the royal family cost taxpayers per person?

The annual report on government financial assistance, revealed on Thursday, covers fiscal year 2022/23. The increase in expenses resulting from royal family residential developments...
Public Trust in the UK police

The escalation of racial prejudice and misconduct within the police force in the UK

After the release of a recent report exposing the extent of racism and ethical misconduct within the security institution, the mayor of London has announced the...
Food prices rising rapidly

In light of the recent surge in energy costs, we are confronted with an...

A think tank has warned that rising food prices are creating a crisis similar to last year's high energy bills crisis.   The issue of cost-of-living...
When will NHS staff walk out in June 2023

Patients’ Health Threatened by Westminster Officials’ Policies amidst June 2023 Junior Doctor’s Strikes

Industrial strikes across the UK, particularly in England, are clear indicators of the catastrophic policies being implemented by Westminster officials. After discussions with the...
UK's debt mountain

The UK’s debt mountain is experiencing record-high interest rates due to increased borrowing

The UK's debt burden has recently hit a new milestone as interest on the £2.5 trillion debt mountain reached a record high last month....

IMF warns UK economy may lag behind G7 peers in 2023 amidst global financial...

The UK is expected to fall behind leading G7 countries as the IMF warns of a shrinking economy this year. The Washington-based organization cites...
The pension system in the UK

To Back to Work or Not: Challenges of Thousands of British Pensioners

The results of a new review of the pension system in the UK, describing the challenges that this sector will face in the future,...

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