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Energy Shortages in Europe

Russia-Ukraine War: Energy Shortages in Europe

Russia-Ukraine War: Energy Shortages in Europe Fears over an energy shortage in Europe are growing amid the Ukraine war. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has warned...
Labour Party

Labour Party Hopes for the Future

Corbyn has been perceived by some observers as having led the Labour party too far to the left ideologically, which may have played a...
Liz Truss tax plan

Liz Truss Tax Plan: Growing Criticism and Controversy

 What is the reason for the recent hatred of the new prime minister of the UK? How many British want the resignation of Liz Truss,...

UK Economy on the Brink of Crisis

Separation from the EU has put the British economy at great risk. The tariff crisis in the Irish Sea and the English Channel, the...
the energy bill crisis in the UK

Consequences of the energy bill crisis in the UK

What is the status of the energy bill crisis in the UK? Does the British government have a solution for the continued energy crisis? Following the...
Alba Party

IndyRef2: Alba Party Creates Rift Between Nationalists!

The Scottish Parliament elections will be held on 6 May and 129 new Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) will walk into Holyrood. The...
Putin's Russia

The United States and Its Allies Launched Financial Warfare to Encounter Putin’s Russia

The United States and its allies have imposed crippling sanctions on Russia, and its economy will suffer the impacts. The Western powers are forming...
weapons sent to Ukraine

The Ukraine war: Widespread delivery of military equipment to Ukraine

Congress has now authorized an extra $40 billion in aid to Ukraine, in addition to President Biden's $33 billion budget. Since Russia's invasion in...
UK-China Relations

UK-China Relations: The Ice Age Begins

China and Britain benefit from bilateral trade and investment. However, China is also the biggest threat to Britain's economic security. Britain seems to want...

Will Totalitarian Push Back Global Britain Goals?

Tying British socioeconomic interests to totalitarian governments around the world will create the conditions to impose interest on British democratic principles. Totalitarianism is a...

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