Bank of England

The cost of living crisis: The inflation giant has awakened

How has the rise in the consumer price index in the UK affected the standard of living of the British? What has the British Chamber...
child sexual abuse in the UK

Widespread child sexual abuse in the UK

What do the research results on child sexual abuse in the UK indicate? What has been the outcome of requests for child protection in the...
British companies

British companies dissatisfied with the Brexit destructive outcomes

What do the polls show about the profit and loss of British companies in the post-Brexit period? What is the reason for the post-Brexit disputes...
UK Government

The UK Government To Restore a Foreign Policy of the British Empire Era

  UK foreign policy is primarily based on the ideological assumption that roots in the legacy of an empire. The outcome of Brexit and the...

The European economy is affected by the Ukraine-Russia war

The Ukraine-Russia war has caused problems for European countries. They are afraid that the effects of this war will affect their economy. Over the...
Food inflation in the UK

Food inflation in the UK: Community concerns are growing

What effect did food Inflation in the UK have on the British lifestyle change? How high is UK inflation rate? How much have rising food prices...
Royal Sex Scandals

Royal Sex Scandals and Racial Discrimination in the UK

The immense freedoms of the British royal family and the strict rules of marriage have led to sexual scandals, not only for the male...
Sport Is a Tool in the Hands of Politicians

Russia-Ukraine War: Sport Is a tool in the Hands of Politicians

Politicising sports minimises the cultural performance of professional sports. Banning countries from sporting events for political reasons is a violation of human rights. Now...

Britain Has Pulled Out of the Israel-Palestinian Case!

After Donald Trump's so-called Deal of the Century in January, the world was once again reminded of the United States' partiality in the decades-long...
Green Party

Conservative Party, Labour Party in Need of Modifications to Avoid Political Demise

The newly established political parties in the UK are becoming more and more popular. The British people want political change and show more interest...

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