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The latest and most accurate analysis and content related to Brexit in the UK (England – Scotland – wales – Northern Ireland)

Lord Frost

Lord Frost ’s Resignation and Conservatives’ Growing Crisis

Lord Frost, who is leading the negotiations with the European Union, has delivered his farewell letter to Boris Johnson. Brexit Secretary Lord Frost resigned...
Boris Johnson's immigration Plan

Boris Johnson’s immigration Plan: Brexit Dilemma Forms the Strategy

A diplomatic row erupted between Britain and France after a group of migrants died in the English Channel. After Brexit, arrangements for tackling the...
driver shortage crisis in the UK

Brexit: Intensifying the driver shortage crisis in the UK

After the driver shortage crisis in the UK, now the UK is also facing the problem of severe lack of taxi drivers. The Licensed...
Fishing Rights

Dispute over Fishing Rights, Beginning of Frozen UK-French Relations

Tensions between the UK and France have been rising in recent months, especially since the UK withdrawal from the EU. One side threatens the...
Irish backstop

The Irish backstop – Theresa May’s Brexit deal

The Irish backstop was part of Theresa May’s Brexit deal for the Irish border. It would come into effect if no other solutions to...

Brexit: Britain-France Fishing Conflict

After Britain rejected licensing a large number of French fishing boats, Paris declared a Brexit War on London. France warned to block the Channel...
Northern Ireland

Brexit: The Northern Ireland Protocol Fuels Disputes

UK's withdrawal from the EU led to an array of tensions between London and Brussels. Myriad political, cultural and economic conflicts have arisen in...

The UK Seeks New Allies after Brexit

Brexit was an opportunity for the UK not to spend more money on European countries with many financial problems, including Greece, Portugal, Italy and...

New Brexit-Coronavirus Aftershocks: migrant Workforce Shrinks in the UK

The number of migrant workers living in UK, mainly engaged in low-skilled jobs, has dropped due to Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic. Recruitment agencies...

EU-UK Controversy, this Time over Gibraltar

Disputes over Gibraltar, the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol, as well as customs disputes are among complex issues between the UK and the...

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