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The latest and most accurate analysis and content related to Brexit in the UK (England – Scotland – wales – Northern Ireland)


Britain Prefers the Open Atlantic Economy to the EU

Britain left the European Union in the hope of concluding a free trade agreement with the United States with a green light by former...

Post-Brexit: Convergence or divergence in domestic politics?

The Labour Party was the biggest loser of the British politics in the last general election after it sustained its worst electoral defeat since...

Post-Brexit Border Disputes Due to Changes in UK and European Border and Customs Laws

Since Brexit, the UK and the EU have not yet defined the framework of border disputes in detail. Uncertainty has increased the costs for...

Stop Oyster Exports: The Economic War Between the UK and the EU is Escalating

UK's conflict with the EU is taking on new dimensions following its exit from the bloc and the two sides are seeking retaliatory measures....
the UK National Security

Post-Brexit and the Need to Change British National Security Priorities

Brexit and the pandemic have doubled uncertainties in the UK. The priorities of the National Security Strategy of the United Kingdom are no longer valid. The...
Brexit and higher education

Post-Brexit: The UK higher education system is on the verge of collapse

The UK exit from the EU, in addition to the numerous economic problems it caused for the country, also affected the country's education and...
The Costs of Leaving the EU on UK financial sector

Impact of Brexit on Borders and the Financial Services Sector

The trade deal between the European Union and the United Kingdom is proven to have increased barriers and impacted UK financial services not long...
British in trouble after Brexit, Scots and Irish may want to break up UK

Brexit dragging UK to an Expected Break Up

Brexit is done, The United Kingdom has finally cut ties with the European Union and the departure is now final. The finalization of the...
Boris Johnson greedy arab monarchies in uk

The UK Military Cooperation with Arab monarchies After Brexit

It took four years for the United Kingdom to cease its membership in the European Union after the 2016 referendum. Following the withdrawal, Britain...
Will the UK’s isolation human rights in Britain?

The Impact of UK’s Isolation on Human Rights and Future of Democracy

The saga of nationalism v globalisation ended in the UK with its withdrawal from the EU and Britain isolating itself from Europe and the...

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