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The latest and most accurate analysis and content related to Brexit in the UK (England – Scotland – wales – Northern Ireland)

IMF warns UK economy may lag behind G7 peers in 2023 amidst global financial...

The UK is expected to fall behind leading G7 countries as the IMF warns of a shrinking economy this year. The Washington-based organization cites...
Rishi Sunak's election promises

UK Government Faces Backlash for Failing to Abolish EU Laws as Promised During Brexit

Despite promises made for the post-Brexit period, the UK government now intends to keep some European rules in place that were previously slated for...
Why are so many people not working in the UK?

The British Workforce Has Shrunk by 330,000 since Brexit

UK labour shortages have been caused by Brexit, which has affected 330,000 people. Due to Brexit, the UK's immigration policies have changed, which could...
IMF UK economic forecast

Economic Crisis: IMF Negative Forecast for the UK Economy

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has predicted in its latest report that the UK economy will shrink this year and record the worst performance compared to...

Strikes Stifle UK Economic Growth

The latest GDP data show that public service and teacher strikes hampered service sector development in February, resulting in negative growth. February's UK economic...
UK tourist attractions

The new passport prevents travel to the UK

Statistics show that the UK has lost popularity among European tourists after Brexit. For instance, travel service providers say the UK has become a less...
UK's annual inflation rate

UK’s Annual Inflation Rate: Rising Prices in Goods and Services

The UK's annual inflation rate is rising rapidly. The research results show that British people must spend more to buy necessities from stores this...
UK's economic growth

Young People out of Labour Market Decelerate the UK’s Economic Growth

Why do young British people reject joining the labour market? How could the youths help develop the Uk's economy? What should the government...
Brexit Broke Britain

Brexit Broke Britain in the Worst Way Possible, Pushing People to the Edge

What has Brexit done to the UK's currency and trade? Why do foreign investors leave the UK? How did Brexit Shambles push people...
post-Brexit freeports

Post-Brexit Freeports Boost Crimes and Corruption in Britain

Why does the UK government want more freeports across the country? What are some of the pros and cons of post-Brexit freeports in...

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