The USA must prepare for war against Russia & China

While Russia has threatened to launch the most significant ground offensive against Europe since World War II, the question arises: should the USA respond moderately to Russia in Europe and shift its focus to China, the more significant threat to it in the Indo-Pacific region? In the view of politicians and defence experts, the USA must moderate its response, but this view seems wrong. Instead, it should deter Russia with an effective defence strategy and its allies.

Why did President Putin invade Ukraine?

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently announced that Eastern Ukraine belonged to ancient Russian lands and said foreign powers managed it. He also accused Ukraine of extreme nationalism and Russian phobia, alleging that Kyiv sent saboteurs to target Russian infrastructure. The Russian President also stated that Ukraine’s ambition was to join NATO, a threat to our nation. He said the decision was in response to years of conflict in war-torn Eastern Ukraine and accused Kyiv of not being interested in peaceful solutions. 


The joining of Ukraine in NATO means that the West reached the doors of Russia, which eventually is the risk of national security to Russia. President Putin ordered the Russian Defence Ministry to deploy troops into the two regions. 

What is the West’s response to the Russian invasion?

The best seems very off from the Russian invasion thus has imposed several sanctions on Russia.

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has imposed sanctions against Russia. Five Russian banks and three very high net worth individuals have had their UK assets frozen.

Germany will also impose some sanctions, and it has decided to freeze the certification of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project. This sanction from the German side would cost so much to Russia. This sanction will somehow paralyse the energy sector of Russia.

The United States would impose financial penalties on Russia as it has Captured and deployed its troops into the two towns of Ukraine. Talking to the press, US President Joe Biden said that USA & EU would impose economic sanctions on Russia’s most important financial institutions. He said he’s also talking to Germany and stressing over cutting off the Russian government from the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

Japan has also teamed up which its allies and will follow the USA; it is planning to impose sanctions on the export of chips and other technology stuff.

For now, the West seems to be on its toes up on imposing these sanctions and restrictions over Russia; let us see for how long they will work on their statements.

Why is it unwise for the USA to ignore Europe and turn to Asia?

It is not a wise option For the United States of America to ignore Europe and turn to Asia. Using my moderate policy with Russia in Europe and shifting its focus to China would be a mere ignorance. Because China and Russia or not two separate threads.

In an interview, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said he does not see China and Russia separate. 

Threats. “China and Russia work closely together,” he said. “This whole idea of distinguishing so much between China or Russia, either the Asia Pacific or Europe- It is one big security environment, and we have to address it all together.”

With this solid mutual support, Russia and China reinforced their military stability. Defence cooperation allows Moscow to project Russian influence on the world stage, he added, while Beijing can gain access to Russia’s advanced military technology and operational experience. Thus, it seems as if both the regimes are taking an oath that the other will lift him if one falls. This coordination and support between these two nations is the biggest threat to the West, as both countries are compelling and cannot be overlooked. If Russia can act with impunity in Europe, then so can China in Asia; that is why the USA should observe its steps.

Russia-China relationship.

Apart from this military support, Russia and China have potent bonds. As we can see, China’s President Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin have a personal report. Both the presidents have met more than 30 times since 2013. Xi Jinping has even called Putin his “best friend”. Russia is the biggest supplier of weapons for China and the second-largest source of its oil imports. 

 For Russia, China is a top country trading partner and a key source of investment in its energy projects, including the Yamal LNG plant in the Arctic Circle and the power of Siberia pipeline. It is an almost 55 billion dollar gas project with immense Russian history. Besides, this relationship has become fruitful for both countries, allowing Moscow to fill the technological gap left by the withdrawal of Western companies in Russia, following sanctions imposed in the aftermath of the annexation of Crimea. Conclusion and Chinese investment in technology has been critical to realising Russia’s Arctic LNG projects.

President Vladimir Putin intended to demonstrate that Russia and China were on the same page on the “core interests” of upholding “international equity and justice” in the face of US “unilateralism” and supported each other against “external interference and regional security threats”.

Why did the West refrain from sending troops to Ukraine?

West categorically announced that we did not want any war with Russia instead imposed several sanctions on it.

The US president, Joe Biden, has also clarified that the Americans are unwilling to fight, even though the Russians are. Furthermore, he’s ruled out sending forces into Ukraine to rescue US citizens, should it come to that. And he’s pulled out troops serving in the country as military advisers and monitors. The fact is that Ukraine isn’t in America’s neighbourhood. It is not located on the US border. Nor does it host a US military base. It does not have strategic oil reserves, and it’s not a significant trade partner.

Moreover, Biden doesn’t want to spark a “world war” by risking a direct clash between American and Russian troops in Ukraine, and he’s been open about that.

The defence secretary of the United Kingdom said: “I’m not putting British troops directly to fight Russian troops. That would trigger a European war because we are a NATO, and Russia would therefore be attacking NATO.” Thus, the UK also refrained its troops to send Ukraine and claimed that the possible European war would cost countless lives and destruction.


Russia’s deepened relations with China have raised all sorts of tensions to the USA, leaving no option to deal with these powerful countries one by one. They need to be dealt with together and only defeated this way. Thus, it’s not a wise option for Washington to ignore Europe and turn to Asia. Russia and China need to be beaten with highly high power as both the nations are growing in power day by day. The US and its allies must maintain excellent and strong bonds with each other to tackle this threat.

As we are witnessing, all the NATO members have imposed sanctions on Russia on the Ukrainian invasion. All of the NATO members refrained from sending their troops to fight Russia because they fear of triggering a world war. These sanctions would undoubtedly help the US attain its desire to be the world leader and engulf the world with its shadow.  

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