Prince Harry Could not Be a King; He Could Gain Fame for Himself & British Monarchy, Instead.

  • What subject does the book Spare cover?
  • Are Harry’s revelations risks to his future?
  • Why did Prince Harry expose too much about his private life?

When Harry Windsor’s new book was on the shelves for sale, it made headlines worldwide. The book Spare reveals more information about the British Royal Family and the British media. Prince Harry would never be a King of Britain and the Commonwealth, but he has been successfully going on the path to fame and fortune.

Harry’s Revelations Weaken Monarchy

UK media outlets have been outraged over Prince Harry’s newly released book Spare. On 10 January 2023, Harry’s memoir was officially available for sale, and many people excitedly bought his autobiography. Book Spare is the UK’s fastest-selling ‘non-fiction’ book on its official release day. Harry’s revelations expose the private life of a British Royal. That makes the monarchy more vulnerable than before the coronation of Charles III.

Harry Is the Son of Outspoken Diana

Harry is the second son and the last child of King Charles III and the late Princess Diana. His mother died in 1997, when Harry was only 12, in a car accident in Paris. Dianna and Charles had divorced a year before, and her death has always remained controversial. Diana was a cultural icon and a famous, outspoken royal member.

Troubled Relationship of Royal Brothers 

Prince Harry would not become a monarch because his older brother William was the heir to the throne. Harry was the fifth person in the order of succession, but he left the family, escaping royal control. In the 500-page book Spare, he mentions his troubled relationship with his older brother, Prince William. In 2019, his older brother knocked him to the floor during an argument over Harry’s wife, Meghan.

Relieved from Royal Control

According to Harry, William had called Meghan a rugged, abrasive, and rude person. The relationship between the couples, Harry and Meghan on the one hand, and William and his wife Kate on the other, deteriorated. In 2020, Harry and Meghan stepped down from their royal duties, leaving the UK for Canada and then to California. Since then, Harry and Meghan have delivered criticisms of the Royal family.

Harry and Meghan Denounced Media

In an explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, the couple criticised the British royal family. Meghan exposed how racist UK media treated her that she did not want to be alive anymore. Later, Netflix released a documentary of the couple where they denounced the mistreatment of Harry by the British press. After Harry’s revelations in the book Spare, some conservative UK media continued publishing anti-Harry-Meghan articles again.

Harry Felt Isolated Among His Family

Prince Harry has shared negative stories about the British Royal Family and its members in Spare. Harry’s revelations show his durable isolation from his family in Britain. He has said that after his relationship with Meghan went public in 2016, he was ready for the usual madness. But he and Meghan were not prepared for the amount of racism the couple faced in the UK media.

Meghan Was Under Pressure

In the 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan talked about the amount of racism and control against her. She had talked about the royal authority insomuch as she had to give up her passport and driver’s license. The royal power was constant, and she returned her documents when she left Britain. The royal control was tremendous, and she could not leave the palace alone.

The Couple Were Trapped

Meghan felt she was trapped and under royal control until she left the palace for the US. The couple had to do their jobs and smile at the events, but they would hold each other’s hands tightly. It proves how Meghan and Harry felt while being under royal control. In an interview, Meghan said she was entering a gilded cage by joining the royal family.

Royal Family Could Not Stop UK Media

After Oprah’s interview, the couple made a Netflix documentary. In the document, Harry said the royal family failed to account for the racial elements against Meghan in the UK media. Many news outlets in the UK denounced the couple for making the Netflix soap opera. However, they perfectly covered the documentary, and some ran live blogs summarizing it when it came out.

Harry Openly Writes About Drugs & Sex

Now, Harry’s revelations captured the UK media’s attention once again. The book Spare is soon available in 16 languages, including Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Finnish, Hungarian, and Chinese. The book reveals many facets of Harry as he openly discusses drugs and Sex. He referred to his time in pubs and his relations with women.

Prince Suffered from Grief

Harry described his drug-taking experiences since teenage-hood ages. The prince has said he used cocaine, mushrooms, psychedelics, psilocybin, and Ayahuasca to cope with grief. The prince was long suffering from a massive amount of loss and grief. He believed taking drugs would help clean the misery of failure. He thought medications would help him feel different from what he was feeling.

He Killed Taliban Fighters

In some parts of the book, Harry talks about killing 25 Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. The prince served as an army officer for ten years and went to Afghanistan twice. He served as a forward air controller in Helman, guiding jets toward Taliban fighters. He said he targeted and killed Taliban fighters during his second mission.

Harry Is Neither Ashamed Nor Proud

The Duke of Sussex said he took six military missions where he took human lives. He mentioned he has concerns about his safety after killing Taliban fighters. According to the book, Harry would not think of the Taliban fighters he killed as people. He considered taking the chess pieces off the board. Otherwise, he could not kill them. Today he is neither ashamed nor proud of what he did.

Exposures Earned Money for Harry

Harry’s revelations about royal control and his private life were direct exposures. He seeks popularity by exposing his intimate experiences. Media had reportedly announced fans lined up before the shops opened to buy Harry’s book. Harry and his wife have already earned much money from their fame. In the first week after their Netflix documentary was released, 81.55 million viewing hours were reported.

Make People Talk about Royalty

The prince has secured a $20 million, £17 million, for the book Spare deal with publisher Penguin Random House. Harry is a hard-working prince who gains his money and popularity while keeping royalty alive in people’s minds. The media kept reporting that Spare is the fastest-selling ‘non-fiction’ book ever. However, from one angle, it is a fiction of royalty that attracted many people.

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